B-A Idents from 2008-2010


Snow Day A Person Walks Up to a "B-A" logo as Cinder Blocks in the Snow

Christmas 2008,2009

January 2010- October 2010

Ball A Ball Jumps On a B-A Logo



Toys Toys Come to Life Over Night & Paint the B-A Logo



Spinning The Camera Spins Furiously To The B-A Logo November 2008-10
SnailWorm SnailWorm Actavates a "Something" Witch the B-A Logo Appers In Teal March 2010-May 2010

Christmas Tree

SpongeBob and Friends Put up a Christmas Tree.The B-A Logo Appears when they Light it Up.

Christmas 2009

Roller Coaster Pepole Ride on a Roller Coaster Shaped Like The B-A Logo December 2008-May 2009
Zebra Camera Zooms From A Zebra to A Computer Screen With The B-A Logo On It. Last One To Air In 2010. May-October 2010

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