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Season 56 of SpongeBob SquarePants (fanon series) is the 56th season of the series. It is produced by Cicicity. It contains 14 episodes. The first episode airs on September 26, 2104 and the final episode airs on December 26, 2105. This season is the second "sequel season" because it only contains episode sequels.

The banner for this season.

Title card No. in season No. in series Title Description Air date
1a 1046a Cuddle E. Hugs 2 SB finds an endless supply of moldy Krabby Patties and starts giving them away. Plankton tries to take advantage of the chaos that happens. September 26, 2104
1b 1046b Scavenger Pants 2 SB and Patrick have to search for Squidward's long lost sister. September 26, 2104
2a 1047a Stuck on the Roof 2 Squidward tries to reach the surface after he gets trapped underground in the former Krusty Krab. October 3, 2104
2b 1047b The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom 2 Mr. Krabs tries to scare SB on Halloween. October 3, 2104
3a 1048a A Life in a Day 2 Sandy and Patrick collaborate to live like Larry! October 17, 2104
3b 1048b D Se Dab 2 (Banned Episode) Motu and Patlu return to Bikini Bottom to challenge Squidward in a dabbing competition.

This episode has been known for 4chan spamming Nickelodeon's social media to ban this episode for being "cringe".

October 17, 2104
4 1049 An Atheist Christmas 2 Maja and Adam have a Christmas party and invite their families, but Adam is an atheist. Can he hide that? November 29, 2104
5a 1050a Stereotypes 2 SB and Patrick go to Texas to visit Sandy's relatives. December 6, 2104
5b 1050b Life Insurance 2 Mr. Krabs tries to kill Squidward to get his life insurance money. December 6, 2104
6a 1051a Code Yellow 2 When Adam gets eye surgery, SB tags along. February 21, 2105
6b 1051b The Sewers of Bikini Bottom 2 After a customer flushes a toilet with the secret formula in it, SB now has to retrieve it, with the help of Maja. February 21, 2105
7a 1052a Evil Spatula 2 When SpongeBob has one order without a Krabby Patty, his spatula thinks that he's being neglected. So, the spatula gets revenge. February 28, 2105
7b 1052b Pat the Horse 2 Patrick decides that he wants to be a horse again. February 28, 2105
8a 1053a The Chumboat (Short) (Opposite of The Krabbytanic) Plankton creates a ship called the Chumboat to steal the formula. April 1, 2105
8b 1053b SB-1D (Short) (Opposite of SB-3D) SB wonders what the world would be like in one dimension. April 1, 2105
8c 1053c Day Shift Adam (Short) (Opposite of Night Shift Pat) We learn what a day is like for Adam. April 1, 2105
8d 1053d Sugar Burger (Short) (Opposite of Fruit Burger) Mr. Krabs makes an even unhealthier Krabby Patty. April 1, 2105
9a 1054a The Inside Job 3 Plankton goes inside of Mr. Krabs' brain, so he can find out what the secret formula is. May 30, 2105
9b 1054b MuscleBob BuffPants 2 SpongeBob enters a contest that has a prize of $1,000,000 for the winner, but he has to get fit to win it. May 30, 2105
10a 1055a Stuck in the Wringer 2 SpongeBob gets himself stuck in his own wringer again, but this time, Patrick dumps Krazy Glue all over him, and even tears can't remove it. June 13, 2105
10b 1055b Halloween 5 SpongeBob and Patrick go trick-or-treating for the 5th time. For some reason, they decide to go in June, and as a result, not many people give them candy. June 13, 2105
11a 1056a The Naked Bet 2 Sandy will have to spend a whole day without any clothes. June 27, 2105
11b 1056b MermaidPants and BarnacleStar XII: The Poke Games MP and BS have to save an old man from being captured by Jumbo Shrimp, but they're distracted by Pokemon Go. June 27, 2105
12a 1057a New Leaf 3 Plankton decides to turn The Chum Bucket into an amusement park. September 7, 2105
12b 1057b Earworm 2 SpongeBob gets The Mine Song stuck in his head. September 7, 2105
12c 1057c SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget 2 (Short) Squidward rebuilds the Patty Gadget, but this time it's way better than SpongeBob. September 7, 2105
13a 1058a Back in the Tidal Zone (Sequel of No Pictures Please) Bikini Bottom is back in the Tidal Zone and a lot more weird things happen. September 21, 2105
13b 1058b Halloween 6 SpongeBob and Patrick go trick-or-treating for the 6th time, but some people put razor blades and poison in the candy that they get, so they have to go to the hospital. September 21, 2105
14 1059 Friends No More! 2 SpongeBob gives Patrick a gray cake for his birthday, but Patrick wanted an aquamarine cake, so he doesn't want to be SpongeBob's friend anymore. They both then go into a depression... again... December 26, 2105