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Season 75

This season is part of SpongeBob fanon. The season will premiere on September 22, 2131 and end in May 9, 2132. It contains 26 episodes, and this season was showran by TheJasbre202 and Rocky Lobster. A new series arc written by Somematchyguy began with episode 9 and ended with episode 12.

Title card No. in series No. in season Title Description Air date
1572 1 Seaquake Seen Across the Sea A sequake hits the town of Bikini Bottom, and it's resthome, causing destruction. Mr. Krabs, Mr. Shicowa, Adam are barely hurt, but due to Bikini Bottom's budget, they're transferred to the Kelp City retirement complex, Maja moves with them to film her new show, Maja Avery's Wildlife Experience. (Also leads to the spin-off Better Days.) September 22, 2131
1573a 2a MermaidKid and BarnacleBean VI Shadow returns and threatens the citizens of Bikini Bottom that if he doesn't get MermaidKid and BarnacleBean, he will spread a fatal disease across the sea. September 29, 2131
1573b 2b Fuck Yer Banana Baby Craps begins thinking Banana is a swear word, so he starts blabbing it at daycare and throwing them at the fellow kids. September 29, 2131
1574a 3a Physically Inactive SpongeBob tries to convince Patrick to do some exercise. October 6, 2131
1574b 3b A Squid's Choice Squidward can't decide whether to go to work or have the day off with a sick SpongeBob next door. October 6, 2131
1575a 4a Plankton's Last Hurrah Plankton's last attempt to steal the formula (for the time being) is to disguise as Patrick Jr. to steal the formula. Obviously, since Patrick Jr. shouldn't even appear in this show, SpongeBob gets suspicious. October 13, 2131
1575b 4b The Suds Epidemic After sneezing on everyone in the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob causes the ultimate Suds epidemic. Can he save everyone in town from being sick before it's too late? October 13, 2131
1576a 5a Spongebob vs. SpongeBob SpongeBob gets triggered by several idiots on the internet misspelling his name. He tries to track them down and attack them. October 20, 2131
1576b 5b Plankton's Retirement After missing Krabs and getting bored and tired of life, Plankton decides to retire to the Kelp City Retirement Complex. October 20, 2131
1577a 6a THE SCARY EPISODE SO SCARY IT IS BANNED AHHHHH The legendary scary episode, so scary it was locked away in the Jasbre TV studios, I am currently working there and found a tape of it, I am putting it in my VCR and November 3, 2131
1577b 6b fak u Spongebob kills everyone and eats Mr. Craps lobster balls. November 3, 2131
1578a 7a Oh yeeah mista caps Mr. Craps goes to school and looses his water bottle. Will he die? November 17, 2131
1578b 7b Sucka Sponge Spongebob buys a sponge. November 17, 2131
1579a 8a MermaidKid and BarnacleBean VII After a disturbance at the bank, 2 robbers escape with all the richest people in Bikini Bottom's money. MermaidKid and BarnacleBean are called up one last time to find the culprits and bring them to justice! November 24, 2131
1579b 8b Gary's Horny Gary starts meowing like crazy, and SpongeBob tries to figure out why. November 24, 2131
1580 9 Multidimensional After accidentally activating Sandy's dimension portal again, SpongeBob and Patrick enter a new dimension, the multi-dimension. They can view every single dimension in the multiverse. When they find Mr. Krabs, Adam, Maja and Patrick Jr., they attempt to save them from their current state. However, it causes a rip in time, so SpongeBob and Patrick try to fix it. They fix it, but it causes the former characters to duplicate. Now they can be in two places at once! December 8, 2131
1581a 10a Dimensional Jet Lag Maja wonders what happened to her when she somehow winds up back in Bikini Bottom. Sandy tells her that she duplicated and her other self is in her spin-off. Can Maja handle this? January 18, 2132
1581b 10b Crustacean Battle After being duplicated, Mr. Krabs find himself in Bikini Bottom. After receiving an explanation, he decides to buy back the Krusty Krab. However, Mr. Crustacean doesn't want to sell it to him. January 18, 2132
1582a 11a Mr. Craps vs. Mr. Krabs Mr. Krabs encounters Mr. Craps while visiting the Bikini Bottom preschool. Will the old crab win, or will the baby crab win? January 25, 2132
1582b 11b Missing Shicowa Mr. Krabs starts to miss Mr. Shicowa, so SpongeBob tries to make him feel better. January 25, 2132
1583a 12a Stupid Teenagers Mr. Krabs sees what happened to his anchor house while he was away. Pearl had turned his house into a teen house! February 1, 2132
1583b 12b Goodbye for Good When the time space continuum or whatever manages to fix itself, Mr. Krabs, Patrick Jr., Maja, and Adam have to say goodbye forever. February 1, 2132
1584a 13a THE FLOOR IS LAVA! SpongeBob and Patrick see videos of the Floor is Lava challenge and decide to try the challenge their selves. Meanwhile, Squidward tries to permanently turn the floor to lava so he can rule the world. February 8, 2132
1584b 13b Medical Bargibant Bargibant is being hunted for medical reasons, can SB save him? February 8 2132
1585a 14a Spot vs. Crustacean Spot takes Plankton's place as head chef and owner of the Chum Bucket, but when Mr. Curstacean starts making fun of him on the news, it's time to start up the ol' Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket rivalry once again, but with Spot and Mr. Crustacean! February 15, 2132
1585b 14b SquidClone Sandy accidentally makes a happy version of Squidward. The "SquidClone" befriends SpongeBob much to Squidward's annoyance. February 15, 2132
1586a 15a The Contraption A strange contraption is in Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob accidentally activates it, it wrecks havoc around Bikini Bottom. February 22, 2132
1586b 15b Welcome to Wacky Bottom An error in one of Sandy's inventions causes SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy to be teleported to an alternate timeline where everything is really wacky. February 22, 2132
1587a 16a Beefy Sponges SpongeBob finds out that Krabby Patty meat can be used as sponges, and makes a clone of himself out of Krabby Patty meat. February 29, 2132
1587b 16b Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos When SpongeBob wakes up to see that Gary had found some Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos, he tries to find their rightful owner. February 29, 2132
1588a 17a The Sponging SpongeBob watches a horror movie and keeps it a secret from his friends. March 7, 2132
1588b 17b Squidward’s Helper Since Squidward is so miserable, he gets a helper to do anything for him. Including getting rid of SpongeBob and Patrick! March 7, 2132
1589a 18a Merm Aids Men annd Brnicle Ben 2 teenagers try to copy MermaidKid and BarnacleBean. March 14, 2132
1588b 18b Clip Show We see clips from Seasons 1-75, as SpongeBob loses his memory. March 14, 2132
1589a 19a Telathon As the show loses viewers, it begins to lose characters, so the gang creates a telathon to create more characters. Erving, Hannah and John are added. March 21, 2132
1589b 19b John's Franks John hires Squidward as a hot dog salesman at his weenie shack. March 21, 2132
1590a 20a Fapples Hannah invents a new device that is supposed to cut apples into 97,252 pieces. March 28, 2132
1590b 20b Erving's Funeral Home We revisit SpongeBob's father's grave at Erving's funeral home. March 28, 2132
1591a 21a The Kelp City Visit SpongeBob and Patrick visit Kelp City to see the next Mermaid Man movie and run into Krabs and Shicowa.
Better Days Crossover in A Night on the Town.
April 4, 2132
1591b 21b Bottom Park Patrick, John, Erving and SpongeBob form a band like Linkin Park. April 4, 2132
1592a 22a The Second Cousin Patrick accidentally meets one of his second cousins, Paddy! April 11, 2132
1592b 22b Crate Chaos When the Krusty Krab is delivering a crate of Krabby Patties to another Krusty Krab at the Bering Strait, the said crate comes lose and now SpongeBob must get it. April 11, 2132
1593a 23a Tiny Troubles Spot pretends to be a local citizen to fool Mr. Crustacean to getting a Krabby Patty April 18, 2132
1593b 23b Something Something Something Bright Side Patrick starts to flash mirrors at people in Bikini Bottom April 18, 2132
1594a 24a The Battle of the Brains After Paddy meets with Sandy Cheeks, they battle with a quiz to show who’s smarter! April 25, 2132
1594b 24b Where Am I? SpongeBob starts to disappear. April 25, 2132
1595a 25a 😀 Madness Patrick starts to speak emojis and everyone begins getting scared. May 2, 2132
1595b 25b Sponge Jr. Returns! Sponge Jr. creates sunglasses, a hat, and new clothes to sneak into Patrick's house and get revenge on him for hurting him. May 2, 2132
1596 26 A Journey Begins Squidward quits his job and goes on a nature hike to find himself. (special) May 9, 2132


  • "MermaidKid and BarnacleBean VII" is (so far) the last appearance of the title characters as they moved to Better Days as well.
  • Plankton and Krabs will have a bit of a hiatus as a character until they return in season 82.
  • This is the last season with Pluto on the team.
  • RTheNoob74 returned in this season, under the nickname of RTehNoobv2.
  • 13b's title card had to be remade due to the original being hard to read.
  • This season debuts the characters Hannah, Erving, and John.

    13b's original title card.