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Season 76 premiered on October 10, 2132, and finished on May 21, 2134. The season was showran by Camilodelgadofigu 15 and has 40 episodes. Ratings continued to fall this season.

Title card No. in series No. in season Title Description Airdate
1597 1 Dijan Mustard Squidward quits his job to become a full time musical artist. October 10, 2132
1598a 2a The Intelligent Pat Paddy tries to improve Patrick’s life with his intelligence. October 17, 2132
1598b 2b Mr. Patrick Patrick takes ownership of the Chum Bucket and renames it to The Starfish Burger. October 17, 2132
1599a 3a SpongeF**k (TV-13) SpongeBob accidentally shouts the f-word at the Krusty Krab and gets banned from Bikini Bottom as the town has a no swearing in public rule. October 24, 2132
1599b 3b SpongeOof RobuxPants 3 SpongeBob & Patrick go back to Roblox and try to make some places to get more popular. October 24, 2132
1600a 4a Broken Bargibant Bargibant gets his tail ripped off. October 31, 2132
1600b 4b March Madness SpongeBob and Patrick go to a March Madness game in Providence (Sweet 16, 2017), which they enjoy until a salty UNC fan tries to ruin it. October 31, 2132
1601 5 Mr. Planktrick Patrick gets jealous of his competition so he tries to steal the formula. November 7, 2132
1602a 6a Let's Go Bowling! One day when SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward where bowling SpongeBob was starting to get fed up because he couldn't get a strike but when it was SpongeBob's turn to bowl when attempting to get his bowling ball SpongeBob slips and falls into that hole thingy which takes him to this where he is parsed for being the king of bowling. November 14, 2132
1602b 6b Secrets (Short) SpongeBob tells Patrick that he broke his middle finger and everyone said that he is putting up the finger. November 14, 2132
1602c 6c Camp Hippocampus Bargibant is scared of Guppy Scouts who are trying to take a picture of him, as they must take a picture of a Hippocampus Bargibanti to get a badge, SpongeBob tries to help the scouts take a picture of Bargibant without disturbing him. November 14, 2132
1603a 7a March Madness 2 This time, SpongeBob and Patrick go to a Butler game (2011 Final Four). At Halftime though, someone steals Blue II. SpongeBob and Patrick need to save the day again. November 21, 2132
1603b 7b Mr. Craps Craps Mr. Craps uses the fight spinners to attack Bikini Bottom. November 21, 2132
1604a 8a The Search: Part 1 SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy search for Mr. Craps due to him destroying Bikini Bottom. November 28, 2132
1604b 8b The Search: Part 2 They find Mr. Craps and sends him to the judge. November 28, 2132
1605a 9a Mr. Craps Gets Guilty Mr. Craps gets sent to prison due to attacking Bikini Bottom. December 5, 2132
1603b 9b Snowed In! SpongeBob gets snowed in at Squidward's house. December 5, 2132
1606a 10a Mr. Craps Steals Christmas Mr. Craps steals all the presents and opens them himself. December 12, 2132
1606b 10b It’s Not Christmas Yet After Christmas is canceled in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Patrick go on yet another journey to save Christmas, again. December 12, 2132
1607a 11a Com-What? Paddy introduces computer to Patrick and Squidward. December 19, 2132
1607b 11b SpongeBob vs. Patrick A disagreement between SpongeBob and Patrick leads to a full on war. December 19, 2132
1608a 12a The Day After Christmas Patrick becomes bored of all his new toys so he goes to Walmart to get some more. Unfortunately, Mr. Craps is also buying new toys, leading to absolute chaos. December 26, 2132
1608b 12b SquidClone 2 SquidClone returns, but this time Squidward tries to destroy him. December 26, 2132
1609a 13a The Master Chief Hiring Mr. Crustacean tries to hire Paddy as Head Chief for the Krusty Krab after hearing about his intelligence. February 6, 2133
1609b 13b Glove Universe SpongeBob and Patrick spend a day at Glove Universe, but they get kidnapped by a crazy carnie. February 6, 2133
1610a 14a Fabric Frenzy SpongeBob is given a fabric pillow made by his Grandma, but when he sleeps on it, he has a weird dream with Patrick, Squidward, Bargibant and others in it. February 13, 2133
1610b 14b The Crustacean's Improvement Paddy tries to improve Mr. Crustacean's temper by give him his own anger management class. February 13, 2133
1611a 15a Patty Problems Mr. Craps steals all of the Krabby Patties to try and drive Bikini Bottom crazy. February 20, 2133
1611b 15b Goree da Snail Returns Goree returns and drops a sick new album. February 20, 2133
1612a 16a Hannah's Groundbreaking Discovery Hannah finds out that there are only two Bargibants in their entire species, so she tries to find the female one to mate with the male one. February 27, 2133
1612b 16b The Big Fat Problem Business at the Krusty Krab is much slower as of late, and SpongeBob finds out it's because of Spot's latest scheme. February 27, 2133
1613a 17a Pizza Time! All the pizza in Bikini Bottom disappears, and SpongeBob and Patrick find out it's the TNMTurtles that did it. March 6, 2133
1613b 17b Missing Spat SpongeBob's spatula disappears, and he looks all around the world for it. (Literally) March 6, 2133
1614a 18a Visiting Ireland SpongeBob and Gary take a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day. Little do they know, Patrick snuck into their luggage. March 13, 2133
1614b 18b Steven Ewwniverse When the Crystal Gems visit Bikini Bottom, Patrick tries to eat them because he thinks they're food. March 13, 2133
1615a 19a Erving the Beast Slayer Patrick finds out about Erving's secret life outside his funeral home. He learns that Erving is secretly a beast slayer for a secret organization known as the D.R.A.G.O.N.S. March 20, 2133
1615b 19b The Time Capsule The Bikini Bottom time capsule is finally opened, and inside it is SpongeBecca and SpongeDrake, both of which SpongeBob hasn't seen in a long time. March 20, 2133
1615c 19c Flawed Technology (Short) Squidward tries to call tech support when his TV stops working. March 27, 2133
1616 20 The Beast that Attacked Bikini Bottom When a beast that Erving was trying to slay gets away, it plans on destroying Bikini Bottom. Can Erving slay him before it's too late? April 3, 2133
1617a 21a The Lab Patrick, while at Paddy's parents' house, finds a way to a secret lab! This happens while Paddy and Sandy are in a math competition that gets more and more extreme! October 9, 2133
1617b 21b The Caves of Fear and Dread Sandy, Paddy, and Patrick all end up in a dark, large cave system with craziness and dread every corner! While this happens, SpongeBob is once more housesitting for Sandy! October 9, 2133
1618a 22a Deja Vu Randomness Patrick, after he messes with one of Paddy's inventions, causes time to loop! October 23, 2133
1618b 22b Hippocampus Heat SpongeBob and friends go to Hawaii for a luau, but Bargibant gets lost there, and they soon discover that he is lost in an underwater volcano. October 23, 2133
1619a 23a Fishary Horse The Tidal Zone comes back, this time causing Bargibant to be washed to Fishary Island, and there he becomes a steed and even grows wings. November 6, 2133
1619b 23b Service For the Community Patrick does "Community Service" because he wanted to be nice and help Bikini Bottom, but he ends up making it a wreck and SpongeBob tries to fix it. November 6, 2133
1620a 24a March Madness 3 SpongeBob and Patrick go to a Final Four game between Kansas and Georgia Tech. During the 2nd quarter, though, someone is removed from the court!! SpongeBob and Patrick need to save March Madness again!! November 20, 2133
1620b 24b Moving Your Bubble Bass Bubble Bass joins a dancing contest. November 20, 2133
1621a 25a Eating Pumpkin SpongeBob dares Patrick to eat the guts out of a pumpkin. December 4, 2133
1621b 25b The Bubble Bass House Bubble Bass once more decides to trick SpongeBob and Patrick to this time to make a restaurant to compete against the Krusty Krab. December 4, 2133
1622a 26a Salt Crisis All the salt water in the world's ocean is being used for pretzels, so it's up to SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Hannah to stop the humans from using up the salt. December 11, 2133
1622b 26b No U Patrick finds out about the best comeback ever and starts using it against everybody. December 11, 2133
1623a 27a Paddy's Day Paddy starts getting good luck, and Patrick gets jealous, so he tries to sabotage Paddy's luck. January 8, 2134
1623b 27b When Sponges Fly SpongeBob once again tries to live his flying dream. He tries to grow wings. January 8, 2134
1624 28 The End of Erving's Career When Erving realizes that slaying beasts is too dangerous of a job, he decides to quit. But not before facing the 3 ultimate trials all quitters are given. January 22, 2134
1625a 29a A Lost Cause When a hurricane destroys John's hot dog business, he gives up and decides to find a new job. Outside of Bikini Bottom, that is. January 29, 2134
1625b 29b Patrick's Dyslexia After getting dyslexia when taking one of SpongeBob's pills, he decides to give up on reading. SpongeBob encourages him to learn how to read again. January 29, 2134
1626a 30a Math the Greatest Ever! Paddy tries to prove to Bikini Bottom that math is the best. February 5, 2134
1626b 30b Erving and John's Tackle Shop Erving and John find out they're both enthusiasts about fishing, so they start up a store together! February 5, 2134
1627a 31a Paddy Pat Pat Paddy begins to be called a knockoff of Patrick. February 19, 2134
1627b 31b Illuninati Seth joins the Illuminati group, and their next target is Squidward. February 19, 2134
1628 32 Battle Royale Bored of always watching over everyday life in the sea, King Neptune has 60 people compete in a battle royale to see who will win. Will it be SpongeBob? Patrick? John? Mr. Craps? March 5, 2134
1629a 33a MemeCon Patrick attends MemeCon, a convention for memes. March 12, 2134
1629b 33b SquidClone 3 SquidClone moves in with SpongeBob which causes Squidward to move out of his house. March 26, 2134
1630a 34a Matchy's Birthday It's Somematchyguy's birthday, and SpongeBob and Patrick are requested by Mr. Crustacean to bring him a cake. However, they don't know that he lives up on land. October 24, 2133
1630b 34b PewDiePie's Birthday Wow, what a coincidence. PewDiePie's birthday is the same day as Matchy's. Welp, looks like SpongeBob and Patrick have another cake to deliver. October 24, 2133
1631a 35a John the Hot Dog John, after a freak accident in the museum of science, gets turned into a hot dog! April 23, 2134
1631b 35b Karen vs. Spot After getting into an argument with Plankton's wife Karen, Spot decides to fight her. April 23, 2134
1632 36 #spongebobandthe-giantfacebookdemon (Sequel to #spongebobandthe-gianttwittermonster) SpongeBob accidentally stumbles upon someone trying to summon the Facebook demon, and it's up to him to stop them from summoning it. April 30, 2134
1633a 37a Tree Squirrel Sandy learns how to climb trees. One day she decides to climb her own tree, and she breaks both of her legs. May 7, 2134
1633b 37b I Went to College Spot tries to earn his college degree so he can be a certified genius like his (former) owner Plankton. May 7, 2134
1634a 38a Planet Robobug SpongeBob and Patrick enter Sandy's dimensional portal once again, this time to a world where everyone is a robot ladybug. (Weird, right?) May 14, 2134
1634b 38b Plankton's Pet's Pet To distract himself from his stress, Spot decides to get himself a pet. May 14, 2134
1635a 39a Bird is the Word Patrick gets obsessed with Surfin' Bird. (Short) May 21, 2134
1635b 39b Vacations Sandy wants to go to the Mayan Deserts for her vacation, but she keeps on getting bad luck from SpongeBob. May 21, 2134
1635c 39c Crustacean's Wikia Mr. Crustacean makes a new Wikia about Bikini Bottom and starts writing phony stories about everyone there. May 21, 2134
1636a 40a Bill's Bills Bill the Fish needs to pay his bills or he'll be deported back to Canada! May 21, 2134
1636b 40b Fidget Spinner Finale Patrick burns all the fidget spinners in the world because of the cringe-ness, annoyance, and stupid kids. May 21, 2134


  • This is the first full season without Krabs or Plankton, as they have retired and moved to Better Days.
  • This is the last season to use the series' second logo designed by PolarKey on the banner.
  • Episodes 1599 and 1630 air on Somematchyguy's birthday.
  • Episode 1630 is the only episode to not air by production order.