List of episodes on Nicktoons Avewy: World Tour

Season 1

  1. Welcome To The Getaway!
  2. Cows VS Chickens
  3. Bright Light
  4. Totally Dramatic Campers
  5. Very OddParents
  6. Super Nerd Bros.
  7. The Chickens Of Madagascar
  8. Titanic 2
  9. Phobia Factor
  10. Test of Love
  11. The Sweet Life
  12. All This
  13. Campers Unleashed
  14. Sloppy-Wooby-Doo!
  15. The Nicktoons Family
  16. The Eliminating Frenzy!
  17. The Flood
  18. Camper 101
  19. Dare Or No Dare?
  20. Planet Of The Idiots
  21. Campers Of The Jungle
  22. The Legend Of Nicktoons
  23. Cooking In Sunshine
  24. Julienzilla
  25. War Of The Nerds
  26. Pirates Of Camp Nicktoons
  27. Keys To The Island
  28. The Wild Nicktoons
  29. The Nick-Men
  30. Nick Kart
  31. Robot Nicktoons
  32. NickBound



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