These are all of the episodes of Nicktoons Avewy:A New Getaway.


Episode Name and No. Episode Description



Name Parody
1-Welcome to the Getaway! The campers arrive on the island None None
2-Animals VS. Man Kind The three teams put on Animal or Hairs and it's a simple game of tag. Mort Monsters VS. Aliens
3-Bright Light The teams are stuck in a cave and they must find a glowing torch to get out. Carl Wheezer Twilight
4-Totally Dramatic Campers

The campers compete in a acting contest.

SpongeBob Total Drama Island
5-Very OddParents The campers get stuck with weird people who acts like their parents. Danny Fairly OddParents
6-Super Nerd Bros. Jimmy forms an alliance with Rocko and Darwin Wanda Super Smash Bros.
7-The Story So Far A complation episode. None None
8-Phobia Factor The campers have to face their fears. Private None
9-Test of Love The campers are paired into two and couples are made. Cosmo None
10-The Sweet Life The campers have to eat through a mountain of candy. Nevel The Suite Life
11-Titanic 2 The campers believe that they are on a luxury cruise ship that sudennly starts to sink! The last person to leave wins the challenge! SpongeBob Titanic
12-The Chickens Of Madagascar The campers have to fight chickens. Danny The Penguins Of Madagascar
13-All This The campers have to reaveal they're secrets. Winslow All That
14-Campers Unleashed The campers are bit by wolves,and they have to make it back to the cafe before midnight Gene Sonic Unleashed
15-Sloppy-Wooby-Doo! The campers have to eat too many pieces of pizza. Ryan and Squidward(the host thought it would be great if they would vote off two.) Scooby-Dooby-Doo!
16-The Nicktoons Family The teams have to act like a family for the challenge. Vedetta The Addams Family
17-The Eliminating Frenzy! Whoever dances well will get $1 million. However,whoever dances suckish will be voted off. Mr. Krabs None
18-The Flood The campers get washed away from camp and has to find they're way back. Mr.Coconut None
19-Camper 101 The campers have to fight bears. Sandy, Danny Zoey 101
20-Dare or No Dare? The campers have to be dared by the eliminated campers Cindy Deal or No Deal?
21-Nicktoons Movie Night The Nicktoons watch The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie for movie night. Danny, Sam None

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