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These are a list of characters (actual and fanmade) appearing on SpongeBob SquarePants and/or its fan series debuted in 2014/2015, and its spin-offs debuted in 2008.

Main (Already Existing)

  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The main character, present since the debut of the fanon series in 2008 and 2015, and Nick's series in 1999.
  • Patrick Star - SpongeBob's goofy best friend and king of Patrick Planet.
  • Squidward Tentacles - The main character of the spin-off, The Squidward Files, making debuts in the original show.He is a agent in Agent Squid.
  • Mr. Krabs - A greedy crab who only seems to only care about money, and is the father of Pearl.
  • Pearl Krabs - Eugene Krab's daughter.
  • Sandy Cheeks - A female squirrel from Texas. Sandy wears a space-suit to breath underwater. There's a big rumor that SpongeBob is in love with Sandy.It is true in TANSM.
  • Sheldon J. Plankton - The antagonist of the show. His dream is to destroy the Krusty Krab's business.
  • Larry the Lobster - A buff lobster who is the lifeguard at Goo Lagoon Beach.
  • Squilliam Fancyson - Squidward's rival from high school. He is very wealthy and rubs his success in Squidward's face whenever he can.
  • Mermaid Man - Retired superhero who resides at Shady Shoals Rest Home.
  • Barnacle Boy - Retired sidekick of Mermaid Man who resides at Shady Shoals Rest Home.
  • Flying Dutchman - A ghostly fellow who haunts Bikini Bottom.
  • Mrs. Puff - SpongeBob's teacher at boating school.
  • King Neptune - The King of Atlantis.
  • Triton - Neptune's son, he is a prince and the heir to his father's throne.
  • Queen Amphitrite - The Queen of Atlantis.
  • Uma TailFin - Esa's former arch nemesis, she is now Esa's friend thanks to Triton.

Notable Recurring (Already Existing)

  • Nat Peterson - A yellow and green fish. He appears in a lot of SpongeBob episodes.
  • Tom - A tan fish. He is a chocoholic as seen in "Chocolate With Nuts."
  • Fred And Blue Fred- A brown fish who is usually seen in the background, during times of chaos, he shouts "My leg!" or "My legs..."
  • Nancy Suzy Fish - A female fish with white hair. Another usual Krusty Krab patron.
  • Don the Whale - A buff whale who is a usual beach-goer.
  • Bubble Buddy - A main character in The Bubble Buddy Show, the episode "Bubble Buddy", and made a cameo in "The Above Life" (2019).
  • Old Man Jenkins An elderly fish who resides at Shady Shoals Rest Home.

Bikini Bottomites

  • Charlie - A short blue fish with a red swimming suit. His name is revealed in "Hocus Pocus".
  • Billy Bob Star - One of Patrick's Ancestors who appears in the episode "Rule of Dumb."
  • Monroe Timmy - an orange fish who is the son of Tom and Mable.
  • Perch Perkins - a news reporter in Bikini Bottom, not to be confused with Johnny Elaine, the more recurring news reporter.
  • R.R. - Sandy's ex-boyfriend from Superstars, Sponges, Cephalopods, and Squirrels. Not much is known about him, except he's a mysterious grey-squirrel who is seeking revenge on the group his ex joined. He is known to be greedy, talented, and evil. He crossed is moral event horizon when he murdered a character.
  • Daisy Shinding
  • Randy Bubblebottom
  • Quincy - A Banker he works as Bank Cashier/Bank Boss and House Taker and Hotel Worker

Fan Made-Characters (From the Fanon Series or Spinoffs)

Alter Egos, Things and Others

Real Life Characters

  • George Clooney- A main antagonist in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie series.
  • LeBron James - One of the main characters in the spinoff, Basket Sponge.
  • Kobe Bryant - One of the minor characters in the spin-off, Basket Sponge.
  • Sebastian Aether - Protagonist of SatanicTriton666's brand new series, The Misadventures of a Lonely Boy.
  • Donald Trump - President of the Ununited Kingdom in SpongeBob n' Stuff.



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