Title Description
Undercover Larry Larry goes undercover.
Rebuilding Rushmore SpongeBob and Patrick destroy Mount Rushmore.
The Penguin March! SpongeBob and Squilliam goes to Alaska and Doing the Penguin March.
Gary! Gary has to go to the hospital.
Creepy Critter SpongeBob returns and hunts Sandy.
Apple Eaters Mr. Krabs sells apples at the Krusty Krab.
Pianist Puff Part I Mrs. Puff learns to play the piano.
Pianist Puff Part II Mrs. Puff's recital is destroyed by SpongeBob.
Sorry, Squid SpongeBob gets Squidward harmed various times.
Buck Teeths Everyone gets buck teeth.
Squid Soda Squidward makes his own soda brand.
iPatrick Gets Shutdown? iPatrick gets shut down.

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