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Title Card Production Title Release Date

"Squidward Loses His Patience!" April 10, 2024
Squidward is forced to go to Anger Management
"Billions And Aaliyah" April 10, 2024
Aaliyah wins $5,000,000,000 and mr. Krabs wants the money.what will he do to Aaliyah ?
"Krusty Scares" April 18, 2024
It is Halloween on April and Mr. Krabs and the group tell three spooky short stories to each other while Plankton is stealing the recipe.
Special Sauce
"Special Sauce" April 22, 2024
Mr. Krabs creates a new sauce for krabby patties.
Golden Rock
"The Golden Rock" April 22, 2024
SpongeBob and Patrick discover a gold rock in a river. When they are told the rock is worth a fortune, Mr. Krabs tries to steal it.

"Tarzan Bob" July 2, 2024
SpongeBob wants to be raised by snails.

"Sunnyside Puff" July 2, 2024
After a brain surgery, Mrs. Puff's alter-ego Mrs. Fun is freed allowing herself to become her own person and she is a lot happier and nicer. When SpongeBob ruins her new personality she then transforms into Mrs. Pop and later the Huff in order to destroy him.

"Sick of FUNemployement" July 22, 2024
Patrick finds a job at the Chum Bucket. The whole episode is just him using his stupid ideas to steal the formula.
"Eyes of the Web" July 22, 2024
Mr. Krabs decides to create a search engine called KrustyEyes only to exploit users and watch what people do online. Plankton decides to create BucketSerach and it goes nowhere.
"A Handshake of Many Secrets" July 31, 2024
SpongeBob and Patrick make a secret handshake. Squidward pretends not to care, but the curiousty drives him insane so he becomes determined to find out.
"BullSquirrel" July 31, 2024
The Krusty Krab has installed a new mechanical bull in their resturant. Sandy is determined to stay on the bull for whole 5 minutes to show her Texan pride, but it takes couple bucks to ride it. It turns out the bull is rigged to make you fall off so Sand karate chops Mr. Krabs for conning her.
"Starlight" August 4, 2024
SpongeBob and Patrick find a Magical Star in Jellyfish Fields which is Very Valauble. They want to Keep it But Everyone really Want that Star.
"Fashion Fins" August 4, 2024
Pearl wants to start her own clothing line for large women so she uses Patrick as her fashion model. Patrick let being a model go to his head and started partying, acting out, and using to much make-up. Patrick eventually put too much make-up on and started looking ugly and everyone made fun of him. Patrick became sad then apologized for being rude to everyone and realized he doesn't need make up to be fabulous.
"Return to the Navy" August 14, 2024
Captain Whiskers restarts the war with Mr. Krabs
Krusty nuggets
"Krusty Nuggets" August 14, 2024
Mr. Krabs adds nuggets to the menu.
"Nat's Food" August 24, 2024
Nat opens his restaurant near the Krusty Krab in order to become Mr. Krab's new business rival.
"SpongeBad RudePants" August 24, 2024
SpongeBob becomes bad to get the attention he wants

"Forever Dark" October 31, 2024
Bikini Bottom's power is burnt out for a long time, the sky turns black, and the city is now permanently dark, but it turns out that a cruise ship was just passing over Bikini Bottom.
"Kevin Takes Over" October 31, 2024
Kevin decides to take over Jellyfish Fields to get his revenge on SpongeBob for beating him in the jellyfishing contest in the episode Competing for Jelly.
Floating Away
"Floating Away" November 4, 2024
Squidward goes to vacation at Rock Top. (near the top of the ocean) SpongeBob somehow gets his hand stuck to a balloon and keeps floating upward. Everyone tries cut him down, but can't. Sandy then remembers Squidward is on vacation near the top of ocean so she walk-talkies him and asks him to get cut SpongeBob's balloon off. Squidward then says,"No" and hangs up, but then he feels guilty and realizes if SpongeBob dies everyone will blame him. Squidward then gets a pair of scissors and jumps up and cuts off the balloon.
"The Land of Fish" November 4, 2024
SpongeBob is walking to work when a free ticket for a vacation at Land of Fish winds on his face. He asks Patrick to go with him and decides to go. They join the boat to Land of Fish and experience fantastic adventures.
"Spot's New Friend" November 14, 2024
Plankton is busy experimenting in his lab so he asks SpongeBob to babysit him. Mr. Krabs comes over and asks SpongeBob to hold Spot for ransom so Plankton will stop trying to steal the formula. SpongeBob disagrees and runs away from Mr. Krabs with Spot. Most of the episode is them chasing each other for Spot Tom and Jerry style. Mr. Krabs then knocks out SpongeBob. Plankton eventually comes over and asks to pick up Spot, but sees Mr. Krabs holding Spot and saying,"I'll give you Spot back IF you stop trying to steal the Krabby Patty Formu-ler!" Plankton gets down on his knees and starts crying. Mr. Krabs then sympathizes with Plankton and gives him Spot back. Plankton then thanks him and goes back to the Chum Bucket with Spot
"Life Without SpongeBob" November 14, 2024
SpongeBob makes a ton of mistakes which cause people to get mad at him. He then gets sad and wishes he never existed. A mermaid grants his wish and he gets to see what it's like if he never existed. All the other characters feel an emptiness inside of them so he wishes himself back into existence and everything is back to normal.
"Cashier Blues" November 24, 2024
Mr. Krabs goes low because of the new cashier, as he seems to waste his time hugging the money, and after he heard Krabs fired him, he burned the money. Mr. Krabs wants to rehire Squidward, but it's too late, as he is alerady an famous singer now.

Zombie Panic
"Zombie Panic" December 3, 2024
Zombies invade Bikini Bottom during Christmas.

Creepy pants
"Creepy Pants!" December 3, 2024
Pankton decides to make SpongeBob's pants become alive in order to use it to get the formula but his plan backfires which ends up causing harm throughout Bikini Bottom.

"" December 8, 2024
Squidward tries to sell his paintings at but no one wants to buy it so Squidward resorts to fetish art and quantity over quality in order to become the most popluar member at

"From Krabs With Love" December 8, 2024
Mr. Krabs is retired and leaves the Krusty Krab

"Hobbyists" December 18, 2024
SpongeBob and Patrick try to find a new hobby to replcae jellyfishing and blowing bubbles to do something else.

"The Krusty Doom!" December 18, 2024
A tornado hits Bikini Bottom and the Krusty Krab is in pieces!
"The Great Coral War" December 24, 2024
A war starts between Atlantis and New Kelp City. Bikini Bottom joins the war against NKC...
Sock Puppet Frenzy
"Sock Puppet Frenzy" December 31, 2024
SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidwad are magically transformed into sockpuppets and need to find a way to change back.
SpongeBob Episode-Freaky-Friday
"Freaky Friday" December 31, 2024
After a storm strikes Sandy's dome,the gang switch bodies.
"Pizza Time!" December 31, 2024
Mr. Krabs transforms the Krusty Krab into a Pizza restaurant, but will Plankton steal the pizza recipe?
SpongeBob Episode-In the Zone
"In the Zone" February 2, 2025
Danny, Sam, and Tucker are angry that SpongeBob stole his show, so they take him, Patrick and Sandy to the Ghost Zone Court.
"Seven Days of Adventure" April 13, 2025
In Order to Pass the Restaurant Test, SpongeBob and Squidward have to do Seven Day's of Extreme Adventure if they want to keep their Job's.