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"Squidward Loses His Patience!" April 10, 2024
Squidward is forced to go to Anger Management
Special Sauce
"Special Sauce" April 22, 2024
Mr. Krabs creates a new sauce for krabby patties.
Golden Rock
"The Golden Rock" April 22, 2024
SpongeBob and Patrick discover a gold rock in a river. When they are told the rock is worth a fortune, Mr. Krabs tries to steal it.

Krusty nuggets
"Krusty Nuggets" August 14, 2024
Mr. Krabs adds nuggets to the menu. 
"SpongeBad RudePants" August 24, 2024
SpongeBob becomes bad to get the attention he wants.

"Forever Dark" October 31, 2024
Bikini Bottom's power is burnt out for a long time, the sky turns black, and the city is now permanently dark, but it turns out that a cruise ship was just passing over Bikini Bottom.

"Yee-AAAAAHHHHH!" September 5, 2024
Sandy makes makes Bikini Bottom its first rodeo with SpongeBob competing, though he has to try extra hard or he'll lose a bet he made, pretending to be a professional cowboy, to a tough guy, involving a can of green beans.

"Cash Money" September 20, 2024
Squidward wins a very large amount of money on the lottery but things take a turn for the worst when he gets fired from The Krusty Krab due to Mr. Krabs' jealousy, people are too scared to go near him because of his fortune and SpongeBob and Patrick keep hailing him as king whcih is really annoying so the fortune has to go!

"Oh, Patrick" December 31, 2024

SpongeBob Episode-Freaky-Friday
"Freaky Friday" December 31, 2024
After a storm strikes Sandy's dome,the gang switch bodies.

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