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The first season of fanon episodes premiered on October 6, 2014 with the episode "Shadow" and concluded on December 1, 2015 with the episode "Evil Ruler". It is to date the most popular fanon season made. This season was directed entirely by Wumbo Combo.

The season had one TV movie entitled Square Pants Family Reunion, and 5 specials entitled "Shadow", "Spotlight Sponge", "The Stupid Duo", and "Evil Ruler". However all specials except Evil Ruler were under 25 minutes.

Title Card # Episodes Airdate

S title card
"Shadow" October 6, 2014
SpongeBob battles a snake creature when Patrick is kidnapped.

"Two by Four" October 6, 2014
SpongeBob learns to count at the Krusty Krab.

The krabbytanic title card
"The Krabbytanic" October 6, 2014
Mr. Krabs gets the idea to make the Krusty Krab into a cruise ship after seeing that he can go on a ship and sell money to citizens. His plan fails when people don't take his business seriously.

SR title card
"Square Pants Family Reunion" October 20, 2014
After being lonely for quite some time, SpongeBob decides to

invite his family to his house for a family reunion.

"Secret Code Formula" October 27, 2014
After being sick of constantly having to deal with Plankton stealing the formula, Mr. Krabs invents a secret code.

Spotlight sponge
"Spotlight Sponge" November 3, 2014
SpongeBob signs up for a job in Hollywood. To his surprise, he becomes instantly famous! Meanwhile, Squidward gets jealous, and tries to ruin SpongeBob's performance on stage.

"SB-3D" November 3, 2014
SpongeBob and his friends get transported into an island where everything is in 3-D.

What Patrick Does at Nighttime
"Night Shift Pat" November 24, 2014
We learn Patrick's nighttime routine.

"Screams" November 24, 2014
SpongeBob watches a bad movie, which causes him to scream for the rest of the day.

"The Krusty Chum Bucket" February 16, 2015
Plankton and Mr. Krabs switch restaurants, as they have become tired of their own.

Barrier Reefs
"Barrier Reefs" February 16, 2015
Plankton plans to destroy Bikini Bottom's beautiful reefs to expand the Chum Bucket's foundation.

Mermaid Man and Barncale Boy VII The Good Enemy
"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VII: The Good Enemy" April 16, 2015
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's enemies turn good to keep them retired forever.

Fruit Burger
"Fruit Burger" April 16, 2015
Mr. Krabs tweaks the Krabby Patty to make it healthier, and to keep critics from making bad comments about the burger.

The Patrick Shuffle
"The Patrick Shuffle" June 10, 2015
Patrick's new dance craze causes Plankton to brainwash everyone.

Krabby Circus
"Krusty Circus" June 10, 2015
After the failure of Krabby Land, Mr. Krabs decides to create a circus.

The Picture of SpongeBob
"The Picture of SpongeBob" June 12, 2015
SpongeBob thinks his self-portrait got stolen by Squidward. It's up to him to tell Sandy.

Patrick Patty
"The Patrick Patty" June 12, 2015
Patrick wants his newest food, The Patrick Patty, to be famous like the Krabby Patty, so he sells it at The Krusty Krab. And it's a hit!

"Snail Loving" June 18, 2015
SpongeBob adopts a large number of snails, causing complete chaos.

Squidward the Actor
"Squidward the Actor" June 18, 2015
Squidward becomes an actor.

2 Jobs in 1 Sponge
"Two Jobs in One Sponge" July 13, 2015
SpongeBob gets a job at the Barg n Mart, but it's hard to be working at the Krusty Krab at the same time!

Gary's Baby
"Gary's Baby" July 13, 2015
After Gary gets a baby, SpongeBob has a dance party, but this causes the baby to become afraid of music!

Plankton The Musical
"Plankton Squidward Symphony" August 14, 2015
Plankton hypnotizes everyone in Bikini Bottom with a musical, and uses Squidward to compose his musical.

SpongeBob Meets the Bathtub
"SpongeBob Meets the Bathtub" August 14, 2015
SpongeBob is captured by a kid and is tortured in a bathtub. It's up to his friends to defeat the kid and rescue SpongeBob.

Ghosts R Us
"Ghosts "R" Us" August 24, 2015
Patrick is afraid of ghosts and is also afraid to enter a haunted house, so SpongeBob helps him conquer his fear of ghosts and the haunted house.

"The Ring" August 31, 2015
Much to Mr. Krabs, Squidward and SpongeBob's amazment, Plankton takes his new girlfriend to a new concert.

Sponge vs Squirrel
"Sponge Vs. Squirrel" August 31, 2015
SpongeBob and Sandy have a fight, and battle against each other.

The Clock is Ticking
"The Clock is Ticking" September 28, 2015
SpongeBob and Patrick have got an hour to foil Plankton's most evil plan yet.

The Stupid Duo
"The Stupid Duo" September 28, 2015
After Patrick and SpongeBob go overboard with pranks, the citizens of Bikini Bottom terrorize SpongeBob and Patrick's homes.

"Sold!" October 14, 2015
Plankton buys the Krusty Krab!

Sleepover t.c.
"Sleepover" November 24, 2015
After a storm, Squidward's house is the only one left, so SpongeBob and Patrick take shelter in his house.

"Evil Ruler" December 1, 2015
An hour long special and season finale where SpongeBob must defeat Plankton and a mysterious ally which has helped him conquer Bikini Bottom. Plankton has captured the entire town of Bikini Bottom, and has finally put Mr. Krabs out of business.

Home Video Release

The first season was released on DVD on January 7, 2016, the week before the second season premiered. The set contained all 21 episodes on 4 discs.