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The third season of fanon episodes started August 2, 2018. This season was given high reviews by more child-friendly critics, as well as keeping the series fresh with a new character. This also marked the series first HD 2.0 episodes, starting with Noir Sponge.

The season has one TV movie entitled "The Nicktoons War" and until now five specials, entitled  "Dried Up Sea", "The Human", "Tail Over Feet", "BobSponge" and "Noir Sponge". These specials range from being 30 minutes long to 15 minutes. This season also introduced two new characters called Jervis and Esa to the cast. This is the third season directed by Wumbo Combo except this time he was assisted by Islam4856 and Esa. A movie known as SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie 3: Battle of the Fireworks! was made into the season finale.

Note: While Rainy Days and The Human were broadcast relatively early on in the Season, they are listed as episodes 55a/b. This may be because Jervis debuts in The Human.

Title Card Production Title Release Date

"The Nicktoons War" August 2, 2018
A big battle against 5 Nicktoons begins when SpongeBob SquarePants declares war against the rest.

"SpongeBob's Funniest Home Videos" August 16, 2018
Squidward films SpongeBob's stupidities and sends them to "Bikini Bottom's Funniest Home Videos". 

"BobSponge (episode)" August 22, 2018
Sandy accidentally makes an evil SpongeBob-clone, BobSponge.
"Dreams of a Non Driver" August 31, 2018
SpongeBob dreams about what he will do when he gets his driver's license.

Show Bizz
"Show Bizz" August 31, 2018
Both Mr. Krabs and Plankton convert their restaurants into amusement parks to get customers.

Radio Krab
"Radio Krab" October 2, 2018
Mr. Krabs starts a radio station, Krusty Krab Radio.
The Human
"The Human" October 5, 2018
A human known as Jervis arrives in Bikini Bottom 

"Noir Sponge" October 22, 2018
SpongeBob joins a life of crime

Ancient Pyramid
"The Ancient Pyramid" October 22, 2018
Mr. Krabs turns a pyramid into a tourist attraction. 

PoliceBob CuffPants
"PoliceBob CuffPants" January 12, 2019
SpongeBob and Patrick gets jobs as police officers and cause chaos
Word Perfect
"Word Perfect" March 3, 2019
If Patrick doesn't pass the test that the tutor gives him, he will go back to school
Coal Mine
"Forced to Mine" March 3, 2019
SpongeBob and Squidward are forced to go to a coral mine for littering
Zeus Returns
"Zeus Returns" March 31, 2019
Zeus the Guitar Lord returns to Bikini Bottom
Episode of Nothing
"Knocked Out Silly!" March 31, 2019
SpongeBob and Patrick are playing another one of their silly games, called, "Juggle Things That Knock You Out."
"BLANK" March 31, 2019
SpongeBob wakes up to find he is in nothingness. Everything doesn't exist so he must rebuild Bikini Bottom.
Dried Up Sea
"Dried Up Sea" June 3, 2019
SpongeBob must somehow survive without water.
Lights Out
"Lights Out!" August 8, 2019
A power shortage happens in Bikini Bottom
The Critic
"The Critic" August 8, 2019
Someone doesn't like Krabby Patties
"Sponge-O-Holic" August 16, 2019
SpongeBob becomes obsessed with buying house appliances.
Party in The Rock
"Party in the Rock" August 16, 2019
Patrick throws a party in his house
Mr. Krabs's Date
"Money or Love" August 22, 2019
Mr. Krabs goes on a date, but will his greed get in the way of things
The Beach
"Sandy Beach" August 22, 2019
A new beach has been discovered and it puts Goo Lagoon out of business.
"That Old Trick!" December 1, 2019
SpongeBob tries to teach his snail new tricks in a pet show.
Pat's Emoticons
"Emotions Gone Missing" December 1, 2019
Patrick loses his emoticons
Tail Over Feet
"Tail Over Feet" December 12, 2019
In this special, Jeron and Princess Neptuna fall in love with each other after Jeron danced with her one night at a luau.
Bubble Buddy's Nephew
"Bubble Buddy's Nephew" December 16, 2019
SpongeBob visits Bubble Bubby's place and finds Bubble Buddy's Nephew
"SpongePatWard" December 16, 2019
SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward get all morphed together
Extreme Weather
"Extreme Weather" December 22, 2019
Extreme Weather hits Bikini Bottom
Canada Day
"Canada Day (episode)" December 22, 2019
SpongeBob celebrates Canada Day
SpongeBob Movie Poster 2
"SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie 3: Battle of the Fireworks!" December 25, 2019
SpongeBob and friends must unite with aliens, creatures, and many other life forms to defeat a force plotting to destroy all life in the entire Universe!

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