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The second season of fanon episodes started at January 14, 2016.

The season had one TV movie entitled "Sponge to the Future" and four specials entitled "The Mushroom From the Sea" "SpongeBob FC", "To Love A Sponge", and "Trapped in the Future". All specials were 30 minutes long, except for To Love A Sponge, which is 18 minutes because of the 4-minute short "Sponge-Fi". Wumbo Combo returned as the director for this season.

Title Card Production Title Release Date

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"SpongeBob in Parallel Universe" January 14, 2016
SpongeBob travels to the Parallel Universe, it should be like a dream world, but it's not.
"Trapped in the Future" January 20, 2016
SpongeBob and Patrick get Teleported by a Machine and are Trapped in the Future.

Battle of the Squids
"Battle of the Squids" February 14, 2016
Squidward and Squilliam battle to see who's fancier.

The Broom
"The Broom" February 14, 2016
SpongeBob is searching in his attic and finds a broom: a broom that holds a day of entertainment. 

"Plankton's School" March 31, 2016
Plankton creates a school and will not let SpongeBob and Patrick out until SpongeBob tells him the secret formula.

"Sandy's Diary" April 11, 2016
Sandy's new diary makes SpongeBob and Patrick wonder what it holds. 

Wi-Fi Krabs
"Wi-Fi Krabs" May 30, 2016
Mr. Krabs starts getting internet connection at the Krusty Krab.

Patroit Games
"Patroit Games" May 30, 2016
SpongeBob becomes the new player of the baseball game, while Squidward beats up Patrick.

No More Overbooked
"No More Overbooked" September 12, 2016
This is a sequel to Overbooked. SpongeBob has nothing to do.

Eat Meat
"Refuse To Be Vegan" September 12, 2016
Gary won't eat the meat SpongeBob gives him. 

Singing Pat
"Bikini Idol" October 29, 2016
Patrick competes in Bikini Idol (a parody of American Idol). 

"The Increase of Bikini Bottom" November 2, 2016
A new neighbourhood arrives in Bikini Bottom, around the houses of SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward.

Mermaid Man Vs. Barnacle Boy
"Mermaid Man vs. Barnacle Boy" November 22, 2016
Mermaid Man lost his memory and thinks Barnacle Boy is his enemy, so he fights him.

Mushroom in Under Water
"The Mushroom From the Sea" November 22, 2016
When SpongeBob finds a mysterious mushroom, him, Patrick and Sandy try to find where it came from.

SpongeBob FC
"SpongeBob FC" February 16, 2017
SpongeBob and the other main characters are competing in the Atlantis Championship, and they have to win if they want to return to Bikini Bottom!

I Don't Like Krabby Patties
"Krabby Patty Boycott" February 16, 2017
A customer at the Krusty Krab tells everybody he don't like Krabby Patties which causes the restaurant to lose customers and boycott it.

Gone in the Wild
"Lost in the Wild" February 27, 2017
SpongeBob and Patrick get lost in the wild.

Silent Shudders
"Silent Shudders" February 27, 2017
SpongeBob starts hearing weird noises out of nowhere.
"Squidface" March 20, 2017
Squidward is getting pursued by a gang.
"Mermaid Bay" March 20, 2017
SpongeBob, eager to try out surfing again washes up on a mysterious island known to legends as Mermaid Bay where Mermaids rule the island. But as SpongeBob finds out later on, the island is not what it seems.
To Love A Sponge title card
"To Love A Sponge" April 2, 2017
SpongeBob Falls In Love With SpongeBecca But Still Has Feelings For Sandy.
IMG 0465
"Sponge-Fi" April 2, 2017
SpongeBob Has His Own Wi-Fi Company.
Sponge To The Future Title Card
"Sponge to the Future" April 12, 2017
SpongeBob and his friends find the Delorean which is fully functional as they go back to the future as they time travel all over the place.

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