Livin in Atantis is a spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants. This series centers on the main chracters of the original series, only now, they live in Atalntis, ever since Bikini Bottom was destroyed beyond repair


The Origin of the series came from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, Atlantis SquarePantis, where the characters trave to Atlantis. Antantis has been futuristicised more since their last excursion in Atlantis.


This series takes place in the city, Atantis. SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, his mother, Plankton, Karen, and half the town of Bikini Bottom moves to Atlantis because Bikini Bottom gets destroyed beyond repair.

Luckily, They all live in homes identical to their old ones, but with new features

SpongeBob's new home looks like his pineapple,for example

Luckily for Sandy, she built a Vacation TreeDome in Atlantis, and now it's her permanent home






Mr Krabs




Sadie Rechid


Nat Peterson

Nazz Rechid

Patty Rechid


Duke Toro

Lord Royal Highness

Mindy Rechid

Ralphine Fish

Annette (pilot episode only)

Puffy Fluffys (pilot episode only)

Bubble Bass (piloet episode only)

Rebecca Rechid

Natette Peterson


list of episodes for Livin' in Atlantis

1 Movin' to Atlantis Bikini Bottom is destroyed beyond repair, so the gang moves to Atlantis
2 Boatin' in Atlantis SpongeBob goes for his boating liscence for the 15th time, this month
3 Explorin' in Atlantis the gang explores around Atlantis
4 Epidemic in Atlantis The characters are getting sick, and are being quarenbtined in the Atlantean National Hospital
5 Scandal in Atlantis Patrick is the victim of a vicious scandal, caused by Duke Toro


  • A running gag is that something unfortunate happens to Patrick
  • the characters are seen wearing outs with the same collor pattern as Rocko's shirt from Rocko's Modern Life
    • like SpongeBob wearing a Rocko shirt with his trademark SquarePants
    • Patrick wearing pants with a rocko pattern
    • the patch on Sandy's Spacesuit being a black acorn sillohuote in front of a rocko pattern
    • Duke Toro can be seen wearing a Rocko jacket in Epidemic in Atlantis.
    • The Rocko Stuff Were Removed In Episode 10:FBI Warning,On SpongeBob? Due To Them Being Destroyed In The Previous Episode.
  • half of the characters from the original series are only featured for a short time in the pilot episode, as half the citizens are killed in the explosion
    • some of the characters killed off were
      • Annette
      • Bubble Bass
      • Kelp Thing
      • The Puffy Fluffy species
    • known survivors include
      • SpongeBob
      • Patrick
      • Squidward
      • Sandy
      • Mr Krabs (turned to ash, but returns to normal later in the pilot episode)
      • Plankton
      • Nat Peterson
      • Harold
      • Nancy Suzy Fish (badly burned in the pilot episode,but recovers in Episode 7)
      • Sadie Rechid
      • Nazz Rechid
      • Patty Rechid
      • Scooter
      • Pearl
      • Fred (Hospitalized Until Episode 8)
      • Mindy Rechid
      • Bikini Bottmies
      • Etc.

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