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Lock Evolution Z is a upcoming 2016 spin-off of The Snails and The Pearl Show, two of Kidboy's ended shows. It takes place after the movie. The clones aren't really defeated, but they are now controlled by Kidboy, who is the main villain in the series. The series focuses on how the Snails and Pearl controls their evolving power, and how Kidboy tries to see what gave them the power to evolve.


  • Mostly Everything - Kidboy
  • Writer/Editor - Aparnaa



Season 1

Although the show wasn't released yet, the cast of the show planned episodes for the first season of the show. There are two right now in the list, but more episodes are coming in the future.

Title Card # Title Date

"Disease" 2016 (TBA)
Kidboy takes out SpongeBob and pretends to be him so he can steal the gems. The gang notice the colour difference and think he has a cold.

"Olly Nerves" 2016 (TBA)
Leader's Olly Murs clone is nervous about proposing to his new girlfriend. More nerves come when Kidboy attacks...