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Lottery Fever

The gang wins the lottery.

Season: 10 Episode: 1

Total Episode Count: 166

Prod. no.: 9ACX01

Featuring: SpongeBob SquarePants, Sandy Cheeks

Also Appearing: Pearl Krabs, Patrick Star, Plankton, Squidward Tentcales, John Fishly, Fred Rechid, Mayor Johnny East, Horace, Bob Bobber, Joyce Kinney, Leiana Takanawa, Anglea, Nikki, Ricardo Montalban, William Shatner, Nort Goldman, Billy, Eduard Khil, Carstairs, Saundra, Bruce Jenner, Michael McDonald, Anna Paquin

Plot: When SpongeBob asks Sandy for a loan to open a sushi restaurant, she points out that the gang is running low on cash and needs to live on a strict budget. When word spreads that the Powerball lottery is up to one hundred fifty million dollars, SpongeBob obtains a second mortgage on the house to buy two hundred thousand tickets. After tormenting the gang through four hundred thousand fake lottery tickets, Squidward immediately pulls the winning lottery ticket from a box of real tickets. Despite Sandy's suggestion that they shouldn't let the money go to their heads, SpongeBob quits his job and spends his time hanging out at The Drunken Clam.

At the Clam, Fred talks SpongeBob into giving him a loan for an advertisment and John asks for money for a gift for Nancy. When the guys try to leave, SpongeBob makes them feel guilty and insists they stay. Soon, SpongeBob begins throwing his weight around and the guys finally leave him. When Sandy expresses her concern about the money changing the gang, SpongeBob wins her over with an enourmous diamond ring. Over the lunch out with the gang, SpongeBob discovers the gang has gone through all of the lottery winnings. Determined to recover, the gang plays and wins again only to go broke just as fast.

Desprate, Sandy convinces SpongeBob to go see his friends again. SpongeBob apologizes for his behavior and tells Fred and John that he'll be living in a cardboard box. Fred writes SpongeBob a check for the amount his successful investment paid off in order to recover his house. Despite Sandy trying to put a cheery spin on things being back to normal, SpongeBob and the gang continue to be depressed over having everything and losing it.


  1. SpongeBob's sushi restaurant
  2. Squidward's grooming
  3. Four piece suit
  4. Good karma
  5. Leering at money
  6. SpongeBob quits his job
  7. Plankton's mobile
  8. Expensive tastes
  9. Lobster flight


  • The orginal title was "Powerball Fever".


  • A conversation between a Chinese fish and a fish made of wood was cut on FOX.
  • A bleep when Fred says "F*** this guy!"
  • A bleep: "Why the f*** am I doing this?"
  • A conversation between Sandy and SpongeBob was cut.
  • A fish, Carter, SpongeBob and Sandy have a conversation only in the DVD version.
  • Bleep when SpongeBob says: "Holy s***!"
  • Even more graphic description of a bruised waitress.
  • The news reporters have a conversation in the TV version.



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