A Sketch Show with SpongeBob Created By Rusty392, Rusty392ITV, & Faves3000 With Help From Jon23812,Mractivity,CowBlock & William Leonard.


New Body- Sandy gets a NEW BODY!

Gary Talking-Gary talks making SpongeBob faint

Too Many Pattys-Patrick eats too many Krabby Pattys

Lottery-Mr. Krabs wins the lottery

Very Big Jelly-SpongeBob gets stung by a very big jellyfish

Ruined Practice-Squidward's practicing for his recital then SpongeBob ruined his practice

Vending Machine-A bomb comes out of a vending machine!

MAD For a Second-The Show switches between CN's MAD and SB Fanon's MAD

Tubby-SpongeBob calls Patrick"Tubby"

Slime-Squidward gets slimed 10 times

Orange You MAD-The old Nick commercial "Orange You Glad" shows(the word "glad" is replaced with "mad")

Corn Dog Contest-Mr. Krabs and Patrick are in a corn dog eating contest

MermaidMan & BarnacleBoy-Shows MermaidMan & BarnacleBoy sitting there...doing nothing.

Teehee-SpongeBob says "Teehee" to everyone who passes them

What to Eat & What Not to Eat - A sketch where it tells people what to eat, and what not to eat

Jeo-Gary! - Parody of Jeopardy and SpongeBob SquarePants

Nick Parody's - A sketch where it's a SpongeBob verson of other nick shows

Dance - Patrick must watch SpongeBob's wierd dance

Music Lessons - SpongeBob teaches you how to play the nose/flute

Notice What? - Patrick gets hit in the head and dosn't notice it

Vaccum Cleaner - A Vaccum sucks up everyone

Dumb Sandy - Sandy gets brain damage

Fly - SpongeBob tries to fly

Clarinet Attack - Squidward's clarinet attacks Squidward

Trick or Treat! - A trick-or-treater scares Mr. Krabs

SpongeBob Doll - SpongeBob takes a little girl's doll

Spongey Pebbles - A commercial for SpongeBob's rip off of Fruity Pebbles

Squids New Moves - Squidward has new dance moves

PrizeWinner - Mr. Krabs wins a trillion dollars!

Karaoke - A sketch where someone sings a song either wrong or sings it bad

Family Food - Parody of "Family Feud". SpongeBob and Patrick's families enter a cooking competition

Thumbs - Patrick gets jealous that SpongeBob has thumbs

Thanks For Giving - Patrick serves SpongeBob a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner

Go Online - SpongeBob yells at you to go to the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki

Big Ol' Project - SpongeBob keeps building an important project thats always fall apart

Sponge Food - A fake commercial for SpongeBob's Sponge Food

Made of Legos - The show turns into Legos

ISpongeBob - SpongeBob makes a web show

Spongelodeon - SpongeBob starts his own TV channel

Money Dream - Mr. Krabs has a dream where his money keeps running away

Coke vs Pepsi - SpongeBob drinks Coke,Patricks drinks Pepsi

Sponge It Up - Parody of Disneys "Shake It Up"-

Literally MAD - SpongeBob gets MAD

Ugly Mask - Squidward shows his ugliest mask to Mr. Krabs:A Mr. Krabs mask.

Spongey Recepie - A recepie on how to make the SpongeBob Show

Fist 'o Pain Too - SpongeBob and Patrick ride the Fist 'o Pain Too(more deadly than the original)

SpongeBob on CN - Shows a SpongeBob "Up Next" bumper,Cartoon Network style

It's Thanksgiving SpongeBob SquarePants - A parody of It's Thanksgiving Charlie Brown

SpongeBob's Bus Trip - SpongeBob falls of a cliff driving a bus

Air Freshner Star - Shows a commercial for Patricks "Star Freshners"

Amnesia - Squidward gets amnesia and likes SpongeBob

Opposite Christmas - Instead of Santa giving gifts to kids, he is taking it from them.

Poor Cookies - The cookies were sitting on a plate when Santa came and ate them

Just What I Wanted? - SpongeBob gets a rock for christmas

The Sponge - Parody of "The Hub"

SpongeBob's Potion - SpongeBob mixes up a bunch of liquids and drinks it

Patrick Hole - Patrick falls down a hole

The CAT! - A cat visits Bikini Botom(Uh-Oh)

A Roller For The Coaster - SpongeBob and Patrick build a roller coaster

Squids Too Grumpy! - SpongeBob tries to cheer Squidward up because SpongeBob thinks hes grumpy

Sandy's Epic Fail - Sandy's expeirements explode

Free Money! - SpongeBob hands out free money

Sponge VS Star-Parody of "Spy VS Spy"

Spongebomb-SpongeBob gives Patrick a bomb and takes it back saying "thanks"

DSa-SpongeBob's version of the DSi

I Need Ideas!-SpongeBob finds ideas for skits

OMNOMNOM...:Patrick tries to eat all his troubles away

Ragdoll SpongeBob: SpongeBob is encased in a room where lots of explosions and earthquakes happen.

SpongeBob EVERYWHERE!:Patrick watches TV then SpongeBob appears on the screen

Sponge VS:A parody of "Dan VS" on The Hub

Handshook:SpongeBob and Patrick try and try to perfect a handshake.

Drums:SpongeBob gets a pair of drums,thus annoying Squidward.

Patrick Vacuum:Patrick impersonates a vacuum and sucks up a LOT of food.

Angry Valentine's Day:The Cupid Fish goes onto retirement, so the Hate Cupid Fish takes over and makes everyone hate each other

Spongee:A spoof of "Glee"

LEGGO DEM EGGOS:SpongeBob makes 12 waffles,and Patrick and Squidward want some,but SpongeBob wont let them!

Floating?:SpongeBob walks over an air vent and thinks he's flying...until he takes off...

Gary's shell:SpongeBob walks and spills over paint,and the paint lands on Gary's shell.

iSpongeBob:SpongeBob makes a webshow(This skit shows every episode,kinda like Spy VS. Spy in the real MAD.

Wii accident:Mr. Krabs plays the Wii and breaks his TV,he want's a new one,but he's too cheap to buy one.

The Real SpongeBob:It shows a show called "The Real SpongeBob" which shows SpongeBob on the toilet the whole time(Don't worry,nothing bad's showing)

Prank Call:SpongeBob prank calls The CHum Bucket

Water attack:Patrick is THIRSTY,until he reaches a river...

Truth or Square:SpongeBob and the gang play "Truth or Dare"

Nerd!:Patrick become obsessed with candy

SCREW: SpongeBobs Get's Obsessed abut a screw

Ending Sketches

Write some ending sketches to go after the credits but it must take place in a sketch thats written down,but dont write down an ending for all the sketches,just a few at a time

Tubby 2 - Patricks beats up SpongeBob

Dance 2 - Patrick watches SpongeBob's dance some more

Fly 2 - SpongeBob trys to fly again

Slime 2 - Squidward gets slimed 5 more times

Spongbob Doll 2 - The girl steals the doll back

Thumbs 2 - Patrick gets thumbs

Made of Legos 2 - The show turn into Mega Blocks

Coke vs Pepsi 2 - Squidward drinks Mountain Dew

SpongeBob on CN 2 - Shows a SpongeBob's MAD "Up Next" commercial,Cartoon Network style

Amnesia 2 - Patrick gets amnesia and hates SpongeBob

Poor Cookies 2 - Santa puts a cookie into milk making the cookie drown, then Santa eats him

SpongeBob's Potion 2 - SpongeBob likes it and sells it

Free Money! 2 - Mr. Krabs steals all the money overnight

OMNOMNOM... 2:Patrick starts getting fatter

Ragdoll SpongeBob 2 - SpongeBob blows up and Patrick accidentally eats what's left of him.

Patrick Vacuum 2:Patrick starts sucking up plates,bowls,and silverware,too!

LEGGO DEM EGGOS 2:Squidward distracts SpongeBob and Patrick steals a couple waffles

Water Attack 2:Patrick ends up getting real fat from the river water.


  • This is the only show with 3 creators!
  • OMNOMNOM...2 and Water Attack 2 both have Patrick getting real fat.


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