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DVD blurbEdit

When Mario goes underwater, he finds a mysterious warp pipe! He gets Luigi and goes in to the mushroom kingdom... but he's closely followed by Bowser! Will our heroes from both the Mushroom Kingdom and Bikini Bottom defeat the evil forces?

Episode listEdit

DISC 1Edit

"Visit to Bikini Bottom---Invasion---Escape!---War!"
Airdate: 13-1-10
Guest(s): SHIGERU MIYOMATO: Random Toad


Writer(s): Irockz707
Visit To Bikini Bottom


When the Mario bros. find a warp pipe and enter it, they meet Sandy-but Bowser is causing trouble on the ground...


Bowser has met Plankton, the evil sea creature! They've teamed up, and have attacked Bikini Bottom! Mario, Luigi and Sandy have to get SpongeBob and defeat them- but Patrick and Squidward tag along too!


When destruction is coming onto Bikini Bottom, our heroes have to escape! Little do they know that Mr. Krabs has stowed away in the ship as they escape to Rock bottom...


As Rock Bottom starts to feel the pressure of the attack, the deep sea fish have to team up with the protagonists to defeat the mind controlled Bikini Bottom...


Sandy, Squidward, and Mario try and find the ship, as Patrick and Luigi head off to find SpongeBob, however, the place where he is held captive is an armed fortress...


Without ways to escape, Mario, Sandy, and Squidward must fight to retrieve Mr. Krabs. Meanwhile Patrick and Luigi are hiding right behind Plankton and Bowser...


Patrick and Luigi wait until the coast is clear, and unravel the rope SpongeBob is tied in. Little did they know, an alarm went off...


The group meets up and runs to the Warp Pipe. However, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy fall in by accident...


Mario, Luigi, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr Krabs and Sandy got to Mushroom Kingdom to find Toad who tags along. Little do they know that Bowser Jr has Taken over Mushroom Kingdom and kidnapped the princess while the Mario Bros were gone.

DISC 2Edit

episode 198 of Welcome to Sea Paradise!-Mario Meets SpongeBob Meets Bikini Utopia (Movie special)


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