Sandy lost her memories when she hit the pole. SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward makes her try to rememeber.


(Sandy is running to school and without looking she hit her head really hard on the pole next her classroom)

Sandy: OW!!!!!!!!!! (When she banged into the pole)

Few mintues later.........

(Patrick was licking icecream and almost trip on Sandy)

Patrick: ice cream!! (Looks at Sandy) Sandy?? Are you alright??

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick whats that on the ground?

Patrick: Sandy is dead.

SpongeBob: WHAT!!! (lifts Sandy up) Sandy!! SPEAK TO ME!!!

Squidward: What the hell is going on here.......GAH!!! (Shocked of SpongeBob holding Sandy) SpongeBob What are you doing to her?

SpongeBob: Patrick found her lying there.

Patrick: I think shes dead.

Sandy: (cough, cough) Huh?? Whats going on?? (looks around)

SpongeBob: Sandy!!! Your alive!!!!

Sandy: What?? Who's Sandy??

SpongeBob: Your Sandy.

(Sandy looking confuse)

Squidward: I think she lost her memories.

Patrick: I know what to do.

(Patrick grabs a stick and hits Sandy on the head)

Squidward: You idiot!! Thats not gonna help!!

Patrick: Yes it will.

Sandy: Thanks Patrick!! I really need that. (Walks off)

Patrick: Problem slove!

Squidward: Your really are an idoit.


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