Misery Seafaring Theater 3000 is a cult spin-off based off of the Nicktoon SpongeBob SqaurePants.


SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward are kindnapped by two evil mad scientists and taken to a mysterious space satelitte called "The Satelitte of Squirrels." Every day, the mad scientists show the trio horrible movies that will make them go insane. The only thing to stop their minds from reducing to trash is to not listen to the horrid dialogue and special effects by inserting their own commentairies. But how much longer can they hold out....?!


If you are at all offended by this page, sorry. The writers use their own oppinions in the episodes.


  • No crossover characters.
  • No inappropiate material.
  • Please put the year of the film you are featuring.


  • While watching a movie, the character's bodies disappear and are replaced with silhouts.
  • The first mad scientist is named Dr. Brown, the same name as the Back to the Future character.
  • The second mad scientist is named Dr. Doofenshmirtz, named after the Phineas and Ferb character of the same name.
  • Unlike the original series and several other spin-offs, each episode is around ninety minutes.
  • The tittle is actually a misnomer.
  • Some movies are edited for time. (i.e. Phantom Menace)


If any one is willing to work on this show, write your username here.

Stephen Burg- Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer, Storyboard Artist (All Seasons)


Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

To introduce the trio to their new surroundings, the scientists start out simple with the first movie in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. (1999)

Trailer: a Nickelodeon Announcer explains the premise of the show.

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