This is a The SpongeBob Chronicles episode.


Mr. Krabs is watching TV until he sees a commercial he likes: A commercial about Money City, a city where money lovers can live in luxury, and can get thousands of dollars sitting at their doorstep everyday. Mr. Krabs likes the idea, and tells Pearl that they're moving there. He closes down the Krusty Krabs says goodbye to SpongeBob and Squidward. SpongeBob bursts into tears.... and awaits a job. Pearl and Krabs move in, and like it. Mr. Krabs joins a daily money club, and Pearl finds teenage friends who aren't obsessed with money. After months, Pearl and Krabs are sick of Money City. Pearl's friends are annoying, and Mr. Krabs is earning less and less money. They move back to Bikini Bottom, only to see that SpongeBob got a job at the Chum Bucket.

To be continued....

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