Mr. Krabs' Junkyard Racetrack is a Season 1 episode of the spin-off "SpongeBob Kart". It is also the first episode written by William Leonard for the spin-off.


The episode starts with the narrator speaking that this is the first day of the "Make A Race" festival and that each racer can design their own tracks for the series. The first person to go is Mr. Krabs. He finds out that the cost for materials is 1 dollar, but Mr. Krabs finds that too expensive, and being Mr. Krabs, he starts making his racetrack out of old, used parts in the junkyard. It takes a week. When he is finished, he tells the racers that their raceboats will ruin the track, so they make their cars out of the trash lurking there. It takes a month. When they're done, the race begins. It's SpongeBob out in the front, and here comes a drop with a gap at the end. SpongeBob presses a button and an old umbrella shoots out of the roof, letting the boat float to the other side. Patrick shoots some tar out of the headlights to the other side, and it pulls the car there. Squidward plays some extra music to make his car shoot across to the other side. The other racers failed to cross. Then there's lots of ramps leading to a sharp turn. Squidward bumps on the ramps too much, and destroys the car. The rest use the steering wheel to their advantage and make it across. The race is between SpongeBob and Patrick! The last trial takes an awful lot of speed. The boats are supposed to, (with the help of a huge ramp) shoot into the air, and onto the rest of the track to the finish line. Patrick uses the last of his power to do just that. SpongeBob however uses a bit too much power. When Patrick gets to within a foot of the finish line, the fuel runs out. Suddenly, SpongeBob comes flying from the sky, bumping Patrick's boat, which now rolls to the finish! After the race, however, Mr. Krabs is sued for useing junk courtesy of the junkyard without permission. The episode ends with Mr. Krabs screaming after he receives the fine.

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