Mrs. Puff at boating school.
Gender Female
Age 60
Born January 12, 1958
Behind the Scenes

Mrs. Puff is a main character from SpongeBob SquarePants. She is a white puffer fish and SpongeBob's teacher. She teaches boating. In Squidward-Patrick Puff it is revealed she has a huge crush on Squidward.

She appears in almost every episode of Awkward, Octopus as a main character in the series, like in the original SpongeBob.

I won't be teaching SpongeBob anymore? (laughs excitedly) No more...SpongeBob? I thought this day would never come. Whoo-hoo! Good-bye, SpongeBob! Have a nice life. (exhales her Puffiness) Free at last. Free at last.
(thinking) Oh, Neptune. Another year with him! Barnacles! Dirty barnacles! I've got to do something to save myself. Oh, there's only one way out: a teacher's ace in the hole! (starts to talk, when she does, she deflates to her normal size) Extra crediiiiit!
[Mrs. Puff inflates then turn to SpongeBob who pops up beside her] Good thing you studied. 
No! No! [SpongeBob pushes the accelerator down and starts driving backwards really fast by some spectators and drives into a building. After crashing, Mrs. Puff becomes big and round with a deep voice] Oh, SpongeBob, why?
  • [crashes off screen into the lighthouse again, Mrs. Puff inflates again]  [manly voice] Oh, SpongeBob, why?

The scene changes to show Mrs. Puff walking to her boat. She puffs up and blows the snow off. She gets in and drives past the show that was previously on her boat. Oh! [gets filled up with air and then lets it out flying all around] Ghosts!

Whatever this is... [inflates herself and has a deep voice]'s going on your permanent record!
[inflates] That's it! I don't care anymore! This isn't worth it! [bounces out, shattering the Krusty Krab doors and bouncing into her car] I



  • Owns Mrs. Puffs Boating School.
  • Born in the Land of Fish, 5 miles east from Bikini County
  • Inflates when injured or nervous.
  • She is a contestant in SB: TRS
  • Once she became a psycho from being deflated by SpongeBob.
  • Mrs. Puff's first name is Poppy.

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