Naughty Nautical Neighbors Again is an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.



The episodes starts out when Squidward has made a very good soufflé, but SpongeBob and Patrick's laughing distracts him from enjoying it. Squidward sees they are having a private conversation with bubbles. They whisper a message into the bubble wand instead of blowing into it, and when the bubble pops, the message can be heard.

Annoyed, Squidward makes bubbles of his own, imitating SpongeBob and Patrick, but insulting them both. Thinking the bubbles are from each other, SpongeBob and Patrick become angry and get into a fight, eventually declaring that they are no longer friends. Squidward eats his soufflé while laughing, but in doing so chokes on the fork. Patrick performs CPR on him, and he becomes Squidward's friend.

Patrick falls asleep on Squidward when Squidward plays his clarinet and Squidward kicks him out and also Sprains his back. SpongeBob helps Squidward and becomes his friend. SpongeBob and Squidward decide to play music. SpongeBob plays a cello which he thinks is a bassinet, but instead of music he plays the music scratchily. SpongeBob breaks it when Patrick interrupts, and Squidward kicks him out.

Squidward decides to invite Patrick and SpongeBob to a dinner party (without telling either of them that the other is coming) in order to repair their friendship. When they arrive, they are still mad at each other. Squidward tries to get them back together, but the situation devolves into a competition to see who can drink the most soda and thus become Squidward's best friend. Squidward runs out of soda and leaves to get some more. While he is gone, SpongeBob and Patrick hiccup small bubbles that make a burping sound when they burst. They find this amusing and become friends again, but because they drank so many glasses of pop (SpongeBob drank 14 glasses and Patrick drank 12), their burps create a whole load of bubbles that make Squidward's house collapse. At the end, Squidward never put his key in the door, but he was able to open it anyway. He sees the whole place destroyed and tells himself that he made a mistake. SpongeBob mentions that he and Patrick are best friends again. After Squidward tells them to get out of his house, he slams the door. Then, a bubble just hit the door, which fell on Squidward's back. Squidward then cries, "Oh, oh... my back!" (all sped up)


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