The Loch Ness Monster comes to Bikini Bottom to stay away from people in Loch Ness.


SpongeBob wakes up and sees a shadowy figure in his window, he tells Patrick,Sandy, and Squidward. Patrick says it's a big monster, Sandy says that it's a illusion, because it was foggy that morning, and Squidward just ignores. Sandy decides to take Sponge and Pat on submarine ride for a closer look. Soon they see that it IS a monster, but they are attacked and stranded in a cave. They go in deeper and see the monster up close. SpongeBob asks the monster "her" name. The monster doesn't answer, but points to a sign that says LOCH NESS MONSTER instead. Patrick tries to make friends, while Sandy looks for eggs or molted skin to study.

Sandy acidenntly pulls a scale off Nessie, and they run out of the cave because the loch ness monster is now attacking Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob climbs up on the monster and attempts to tame it. He sucseeds, but the monster goes back home to Loch Ness.

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