The New Adventures In Bikini Bottom is a fanon spin-off to SpongeBob SquarePants created by William Leonard that anyone can edit!

Guidelines For Making A Qualified Episode

1. No crossover characters. ESPECIALLY not Non-SpongeBob ones.

2. Write a good, fitting plot that makes sense. I(William Leonard)HATE it when people ignore this rule.

3. No title cards. In this spin-off, the title of the episode and the writers and all that stuff will be shown just as the episode starts.

4. If, however, I delete an episode, don't worry. Throw it in the List Of Episodes page.


Season 1

001: Tiny Sponge 12/9/09 Created by: William Leonard

Plankton shrinks Bikini Bottom in another futile attempt to steal the formula.

002: Suspect Ratio 12/9/09 Created by: William Leonard

Patrick thinks someone stole his TV.

003: PlankWard 20/9/09 Created by: William Leonard

Squidward and Plankton join forces in order to destroy SpongeBob!

004: Back In Action 21/9/09 Created by: William leonard

Mr. Krabs thinks Plankton has some new customers, so he and SpongeBob investigate.

005: I Scream For No Ice Cream! 2/2/10 Created By: Deetfeet

SpongeBob and Patrick find out that all shipments of Ice Cream to Bikini Bottom have been cut-off! So SpongeBob and Patrick must find out why and get their Ice-Cream back!

006: Bikini Wikini 5/2/09 Created by: William Leonard

SpongeBob becomes a user on the SpongeBob Wiki, and gets attracted by another user. No-one knows that he is SpongeBob until he gets kicked out for revealing his age.

007: Professor Plankton 6/2/09 Created by: William Leonard

Plankton enforces all of SpongeBob's friends to enroll in his "Academy Of Evil And Wrong-Doing". SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs need to stop him!


008: Bikin Wikini 2 3/19/2010 Created by: SPONGIUS

Patrick gets registered on SpongeBob Wiki, but he breaks his computer.

009: Mermaidman's Force 3/19/2010

Mermaidman wants to new the secret formula.

010: Why Waste Paste? 3/21/2010

Patrick eats a whole bunch of paste.


Sign in here if you want to be part of the crew! Remember, anyone can help. Write your name, along with a specific job you'd like.

  • William Leonard: Creator, Producer, Storyboard Artist, Head Writer(all seasons)
  • Deetfeet: Writer (Season 1-Present)
  • Russelrules44: Writer (Season 1-Present)
  • SPONGIUS: Storyboard artist, writter


  • There will be a TV Movie at the end of each season.

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