New Bottom City is located near Bikini Bottom. It has 2,457 citizens and 150 move here each two years. It has many brilliant features.

New Bottom City on the Outside

Police and Law

The Bottom City Police Force are not like the lazy, funny Bikini Bottom ones. They take things serious. One piece of litter and you're in jail. The Police are very strict. They are muscled, tough men with white shirts and blue ties. Ginger, brown and blonde mustaches and sunglasses. They wear smiles and often have police caps on.


While you're waiting. Feel free to go here

Ocean Creature Devolopment Index

GDP: $19,600 (medium)

OCDI: 94/100 (very high)

2017 Pacific Economic Index (PEI)

  • GDP: $28,373.26
  • PEI Score: 95/100 (Very High)

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