Nicktoons Reunited! Season 1

  1. The Return Of Our Heroes
  2. 2 Rugrats, 1 Pair Of Kids
  3. Flesh Of Stupidity
  4. Vladdy Go Good!
  5. SpongeBob VS. Jango Hunter
  6. Cosmo's Big Mistake
  7. Danny's Secret Mission
  8. A Big Surprise Birthday
  9. Nicktoons Reunited! VS. Ninja Storm
  10. The Band Of Evil
  11. GIR In The Middle!
  12. Enter Fanboy And Chum Chum
  13. No Brain Blast!
  14. Fanboy Vs. SpongeBob
  15. Return Of The Twonkies
  16. Plankton's Last Stand
  17. Sandy The Spy
  18. Plankton Again!

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