When the Krusty Krab gets closed for the New Year's Eve party even though that's where the ball drop will begin, SpongeBob tries to trade something with Squidward that Mr. Krabs likes to close early. Will SpongeBob be able to save New Year's Eve to make a New Year's Day possible?


Writer: 14brunov

Director: Tom Yasumi

Animation Director: Andrew Overtoom

Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt

Storyboard Directors: Casey Alexander, Nate Cash

Creative Director: Vincent Waller


It's New Year's Eve, and The Krusty Krab is closing for the party. However, they close when the ball drop begins. SpongeBob tries to find a way to trade something with Squidward so Mr. Krabs will close the Krusty Krab early. SpongeBob then finally gives Mr. Krabs a lot of money and golden money! So Mr. Krabs agrees to close it early. After it got closed, as the New Year approches, everybody surronds the Bikini Bottom Ball. Earlier, Sandy comes up with an idea of having SpongeBob sit on the ball naked. As the countdown reaches zero, SpongeBob jumps out of his pants and lands on the Bikini Bottom Ball as it lowers in slow motion. After the ball drops, Sandy then requests SpongeBob to stay naked all night.


SpongeBob SquarePants

Squidward Tentacles

Eugene H. Krabs

Citizens of Bikini Bottom

Sandy Cheeks

Johnny the Fish Head

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