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Offensive Art
Black comedy
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Morgan Freeman
Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care
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Offensive Art, or The Show More Offensive Than Karate Choppers is a spin-off created by Tasco. Some notable things about it are the following.

  • Being postmodern, at times it makes no frickin' sense.
  • Some conversations are like those that Tarantino characters have.
  • This show is very offensive at times, and is deliberately designed to tick off some ethnic group, political affiliation, religious group or nationality. Sometimes, gender is thrown in for good measure.
  • It portrays a Bikini Bottom in a nation where both English and Portuguese are spoken due to former Portuguese and English governance.
  • It has humans, and not as Cthulhu-type figures à la The Movie.

The show was inspired by many things, including the Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction and various classic rock songs. Don't ask how this will all work out. The creator is making this up as he goes along, but it will have some sort of continuity. Maybe. This is postmodern, after all.


Bikini Bottom is the capital city of the nation of Galonia in an alternate universe where various odd things have occurred (Portuguese and Spanish are more or less equally divided, most all of the continents look drastically different in terms of borders, nuclear weapons have been completely eradicated, your mom's a world leader, etc.). It mainly follows the lives of 20-year-old college students and buddies SpongeBob and Patrick, and their legal guardian, GBC Philharmonic Orchestra first clarinet Squidward Tentacles (this is an absolute MUST for discussion in later episodes), alongside their friends and other minor characters. I'm sure the series will eventually have loads of characters- just like the canonical series itself.

As stated before, the show will have some sort of continuity, so (most) episodes will not (really) contradict previous events, making it a lot less complicated; most are episodic, but there are some small story arcs.

How Offensive Is This Show?

You'll see.


Series (Season) I

  • 1.1: Film: SpongeBob and Patrick want to go see a movie. But which one will they see? And will there be something insolent? Definitely. Here's the page.