(Waking up) SpongeBob: Ah, what a beautiful day!

Ring says the phone.


Sandy:SpongeBob can you be the tester of my invention?

SpongeBob: How about someone else!


Sandy and SpongeBob step into the Krusty Krab.

Old Man Jenkins (to Squidward): Can I have a Krabby Patty young woman?


Squidward gives Old Man Jenkins the Patty.

Jenkins walks to a table and sits down.

SpongeBob:I know who!


SpongeBob:No!Wait where did you come from?

Patrick (nervously): Well, um, uh. Augh!

Patrick runs away.


SpongeBob:Old Man Jenkins!


SpongeBob picks up Jenkins and gives him a piggy-back ride.

Sandy:Is that really nessacary?

SpongeBob:Of course!

They go to the Treedome.

Old Man Jenkins:Dag Nabit what are you doing?

SpongeBob:Trying out Sandy's new..

Sandy slaps him and whispers don't tell him anything!


He takes Jenkins and puts him into the machine.

Sandy:This may sting!

Old Man Jenkins: Sting?

Old Man Jenkins: Agghhhhh!

SpongeBob: Uh oh!

The dust appears and Jenkins is nowhere to be found.

Sandy:Where'd he go?

SpongeBob:I don't know.

Both: Uh Oh!

SpongeBob: Jenkins!

Patrick:I'll help find him!

SpongeBob:Again, where did you come from?!

Patrick:I'm sorry that is classified information.

Sandy:Yeah whatever. Can you just help us?

Patrick: Of course.

Patrick: Alakazam!

Jenkins appears out of nowhere.

Jenkins: What? SpongeBob:Wow!


Patrick:Yes go Pat!

More Coming Soon!

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