This is a brand-new spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants (TV Show).


SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally break a mirror and soon everyone in Bikinni Bottom meets their opposites. SpongeBob soon gains knowledge that BobPants SpongeSquare is helping Krabs Eugene take over the world and steal the Chum Patty Secret Recipe (remember it's the opposite version)!

Guide to the Opposites

Krabs Eugene-Mr. Krabs's opposite. He is the least greedy character.

Plankton Sheldon-Plankton's opposite. He tries to save the world.

Star Patrick-Patrick's opposite. He's an evil genuis.

Tentacles Squidward-Squidward's opposite. He acts like the normal SpongeBob.

Cheeks Sandy-Sandy's opposite. She is just like normal Patrick.

Season 1

Pilot (Opposite World)

SpongeBob and Patrick break a mirror and find their opposites.

Driving License

SpongeBob finds out his opposite has a boating license.


SpongeBob invites Tentacle Squidward to go jellyfishing, but Star Patrick makes the jellyfish angry enough to attack the duo.

Bottom Bikinni

The Regulars go the opposite world.

Larry's Opposite

SpongeBob is worried that Larry's opposite is evil, but he turns out to be the laziest, so SpongeBob tries to get him to do something which results in chaos.

Welcome to Boating School! Pt. 1

SpongeBob goes to Boating School, but soon finds out he went into his Irregular's Boating School.

Welcome to Boating School! Part 2

The Mrs. Puff Irregular thinks SpongeBob is his Irregular and gives him the license.

Welcome to Boating School 3

In the season finale, SpongeBob tells the Regulars about Boating School and Mrs. Puff fights her Irregular after hearing the news.

Season 2

Season 2 is not going to be as long as Season 1. This season only has six episodes.

The Opposite of Nice

SpongeBob learns opposite worlds nice-MEAN!But he learns that after he announced to everyone that everyone needs to be nice to him.Can SpongeBob take there "nice" anymore?

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