Adam1 001
Airdate: June 12, 2012
Writer(s): Mractivity



Characters and More

  • Squidward
  • Squilliam
  • Patrick
  • SpongeBob
  • Beltruce the Whale
  • DJ Coricoral
  • Suess the Qatar's Lord
  • Other Characters

Time Cards Present

  • One miracle later


  • The Blue Danube
  • Suction Cup Symphony
  • Russian Dance
  • The Can-Can

Music Identification

  • Title Card - Old Hino March
  • Squidward sits in his chair a turns on the TV - Wooden Bear
  • Squidward throws the CD - The Mob
  • SpongeBob tells Squidward that the band and himself has betrayed Squidward - Lonely Violin
  • Squidward walks away from the band sadly - Marching to Honolulu

The Title Card

The red part of the title card represents Squidward's angriness. The yellow represents how good the band plays when Squidward's not around. The flowers represent that they're underwater. The blackness on the side represents Squidward's gloom.


After seeing everybody play music better than him, he gets a band and tries to prove everybody (except for him) is horrible at music.


After seeing Zeus the Qatar's Lord rock piano piece on TV, listening to Squilliam's band play The Blue Danube, and hearing that there's a piece called "My Sunken and Shrunken Socks", Squidward decides to prove the Pacific Ocean jealous and tries to be the greatest musician underwater. But then SpongeBob shows Squidward there's a chart for best musicians, and Squidward's #10067535678905432 on the chart. So Squidward makes a band of some 'friends' and some other fishes. And the music goes horribly. And after lots of errors, Squidward sees the band fighting and says that he'll be back the next day to check if they were improving his dream. So they start practising, and they play The Can-Can PERFECTLY. Then the next day, Squidward check on the band and the band does horribly again. So Squidward throws the CD to the band and without Squidward noticing, the band plays Russian Dance on the radio.


  • This is the longest one-word title yet!
  • This episode was originally called Band Land
  • Seuss the Qatar's Lord was a parody of "Zeus the Guitar Lord" from Tentacle-Vision
  • When Squidward goes like "Who put him on this planet? Pssst.", that's line was first said on I Heart Dancing
  • This episode actualy proves that SpongeBob can play the trombone
  • SpongeBob can play music better than Squidward
  • Squilliam is the best musician in the Pacific Ocean
  • There's 10067535678905433 fishes in the Pacific Ocean that are good at musical instruments in this episode
  • This is the second episode to feature the song "The Blue Danube", the first episode was Jellyfishing!
  • Trebels and Clam-Clam from The Squidstones are a parody of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from The Flinstones


Main Article: Orchestragraphicality (transcript).

Running Gags

  • The band playing better without Squidward
  • Whenever Squidward insults someone, the person or people who got insulted say "I heard that!"

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