Type General Entertainment company
Founded 2018
Key people PolarKey (president)
Industry Entertainment
Products Everything that can be found on SBFW

PI is a general entertainment company founded by PolarKey in 2018, as the successor to Polar Incorporated. They produce generally everything you can expect to find on this here wiki.



Beginnings (2016-2018)

On November 6th 2016, a company know as Polar Incorporated was created, along with its first television series titled SpongeBob n' Stuff. The series was a hit at first (though eventually began to show its age and become cringeworthy) and aired on Fox Kids and Playhouse Disney (now Toon Disney Channel). Not long after that, Polar Incorporated's first channel launched, and was widely considered the best channel on the wiki at the time. Temmie Central aired a range of programming for children, teenagers and adults. However, the channel seemed odd and unsafe for its audience, so a night-time block titled Night Hours was launched. Fox Kids then proceeded to release a night-time block on their channel, and then proceeded to seemingly copy Temmie Central's every move, resulting in a war between the two networks, followed by a peace treaty. During this time, Polar Incorporated launched their own cable network provider which was a huge success. The company also bought Nintendo, and release their best and most popular show, known as SBFW Go!.

Everything seemed to be going great, but Polar Incorporated's founder suddenly decided to leave the wiki, and the company was abandoned.

PI (2018-Present)

PolarKey (Polar Incorporated's founder) had suddenly been appearing on the wiki again in 2018, only hinting that everyone should 'keep their tentacles held'. His return was later announced in the 'PI news' web-series. Also announced was the company being re-named to PI. SBFW Go! was started back up, along with a new series titled Pampers: The Series, co-owned with Squidwork. Temmie Central's Night Hours block was removed, making Temmie central a 24-hour network, and the block's shows were moved onto a new channel titled Polo. Two movie adaptations of SpongeBob n' Stuff and SBFW Go! were later announced too.

With PI no longer owning Nintendo, Pi's very own hybrid console called the Picon was announced at E3 2018, and major hype surrounded the launch title SBFW Rumble. PI was back.


Television Shows

This list does not include unaired spin-offs, spin-offs without pages (most found here) nor Temmie n' Stuff (as it is simply another season of SpongeBob n' Stuff).

Year/s Title Notes
2016-Present SpongeBob n' Stuff Best and longest running show
2016-2017 SpongeBob's Fanon Wiki Cancelled due to lack of interest, though recieved a lot of praise and eventually gained a reboot and a film
2017-Present SBFW Go! Considered successor to SpongeBob's Fanon Wiki and cancelled project Burned
2018-Present Wait Wut
2018-Present Pampers: The Series Co-owned with Squidwork
2018-Present Discord Crib (Clean Version)
2018-Present Olden Days


PI distributes all their films, except The SpongeBob n' Stuff Movie, which was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Rel. Title Director Box
June 17th 2017 (June 21st worldwide) The SpongeBob n' Stuff Movie PolarKey $5,983,878,021 Released
July 27th 2018 Temmies Toby Fox & PolarKey $2,553,670,027 Released
2018 SpongeBob's Fanon Wiki: The Movie
(merely distributed by PI)
GraniteToast1992 & PolarKey TBA In Production
TBA The SpongeBob n' Stuff Movie 2 PolarKey TBA In Production
TBA Nothing Nothing Fanon Wiki
(merely distributed by PI)
CrazySponge TBA In Production
TBA SBFW Go!: Treasure Island PolarKey TBA In Production

Video Games



All albums released are by the people listed at the Tem Shop Records page (link above).

TV Networks

Year Title
2016 Temmie Central
2017 Temmie Town
2017 Tem Jr.
2018 STV
2018 STV2
2018 Polo
2018 Tem Sentral