PLANKTON'S MOBIUS ADVENTURE is an Episode in Season 42

The opening Theme is from "Truth or Square"

Title page is dark green with Yellow words & a picture of Plankton at the left & a picture of Amy Rose with her Piko-Piko Hammer at the right.

The Title Theme is the same from "Pranks-a-Lot"


Rated = G


Main Cast


Amy Rose


Additional Characters










Mr. Krabs



It was a beautiful day at the Chum Bucket and Plankton is about to wake up right about Now!

Plankton:(wakes up) Everyday is the same thing is to steal even a single Krabby Patty

Karen: Maybe today is the day

Plankton: Thank you for your introuductions Computer Wife

Karen: Are you sure you need a plan?

Plankton:Plan Shman, What the worse that could happen?(exits the chum bucket)

Later Plankton enters the Krusty Krab

Plankton: I'm in,that was easy,maybe today's the day i get to steal the Krabby Patty Fourma(grabed by the fist)LAAAAA!!!

It was Mr Krabs

Mr Krabs:oh no you don't(calling out)SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Yes sir (grab Plankton with his tounge & counts down)

Voice: 3,2,1 Launch!

SpongeBob:(fires Plankton up to outer space)

Plankton: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (flys through space and crashed landed on a strange planet called Planet Mobius)OUCH!

Meanwhile in a town of Staition Square at the Park

Plankton: Never, Never, Krabs is too Powerful I must figure out a way to get off this planet (notices something)wait they say Chaos Emeralds can teleport with the hands of someone holding it, but how, how am i gonna make them Helpless?

Female Voice: Oh look at you your so small, tiny & helpless

Plankton:Hey I resent that,huh?

that voice came from Vallina the Rabbit & she was talking to her daughter Cream

Vallina: Aw your so cute,that i can take what's yours & you wouldn't do a thing about it

Cream: Aw mommy,you making me blush

Plankton: Strange she reminds me of my mother

Then Plankton has an idea

Plankton: Yes victory will be mine,all i do is too transform one his friends called Sonic the Hedgehog into a tiny helpless (low voice) BABY

Meanwhile Sonic is resting on a hamak until he smell something familliar

Sonic: I smell a chilly dog. (sees a trail of chilly dogs) A trail of chilly dogs! (follows & picks up the chilly dogs until he ends up in a telephone booth) Hello? (notices gasses surrounds Sonic) What the heck?

Plankton: Yes Chaos Emeralds here i come. (opens booth) What the?

Sonic is now turned into a baby he is 2 times shorter & with a diaper on

Plankton:Hmmm, he is larger than I thought

Baby Sonic: Goo goo (grabs Plankton & bites him & spits him out)

Plankton: Hey (felt the bites) Ow ow no no ouch! (felt the ground) Whao! (escapes Baby Sonic)

Baby Sonic:(follows Plankton)

Plankton: What the a lock? Oh great

Amy Rose Appears

Amy:Hello what this? Awww it's a baby (picks up Baby Sonic & tickles him) Coochy coochy coo

Baby Sonic:(giggling)

Amy & Baby Sonic:(giggling together)

Plankton: HELLO,if you two done making fools out of yourselfs, I need help with this lock

Amy: Sure(unlocks door)

Plankton:yes finally,now i've turned Sonic into a baby,now i can get to those Chaos Emralds(Evil Laughter)Uh hello

Amy:(yells)POLICE, POLICE!!!

Later Shadow & Rouge taking Plankton to Jail

Plankton: Your can't do this to me, those shackles are no match for my genius

The cuffs are too wide, and he easily escapes

Plankton: That was easier than I thought(esacpes Shadow & Rouge)I'm Free, FREE!!!

Knuckles appears

Amy: Knuckles I am so glad your here,i found this baby all alone,but it was only Sonic my true love,a new guy named Plankton has turned Sonic into a baby, what should we do?

Knuckles: If you ask me i am going for a coffee break, a very long coffee break(leaves Amy)

Meanwhile at an unknown area

Plankton: (talking to Karen)…and then that blasted Pink Hedgehog called the cops! That's just not trick-it. Now I'll never be a tyrannical overlord.

Karen: Do I have to tell you how to do everything? Next time, spray Amy Rose, too.

Plankton: Not sure.

Karen: Listen carefully. Spray.

Plankton: Yes.

Karen: AMY.

Plankton: Uh-huh.

Karen: ROSE.

Plankton: Right.

Karen: Too!

Plankton: Now you're just talking gibberish. What I really need is to spray Sonic and Amy.

Karen: That's just what I…

Plankton: I don't wanna hear all your looney schemes, Karen. I've got work to do!

Meanwhile at Amy's House

Baby Sonic:(crying)

Amy: What's wrong, Baby Sonic? You thirsty? (gives him some milk and he stops crying) That's it, drink up!

Baby Sonic: (the bottle slips out of his mouth and he continues to cry)

Amy: OK, maybe you're hungry? Do you want a nice soft Krabby Patty?

Baby Sonic: (flicks it away and continues to cry)

Amy: Not even a Krabby Patty helps. (gets an idea) I got it a nice chilly dog

Baby Sonic:(stops crying) Goody (chomping on chilly dog)

Plankton:(opens door) Hands in the air

Amy & Baby Sonic:(hands up)

tails: Huh whats going on here

Amy: It's Plankton

Plankton: That's right I'm back & you won't stop me this time(sprays Baby Gas at Sonic,Tails & Amy Rose. Sonic turns into an adult, and Tails turns into a baby & Amy still normal) What? Tails' now a baby but Sonic is back to normal & Amy has no effect? (sprays again.) It seems the second dose acts as an antidote! (Sprays again)

Amy: Hey (coughing) Please stop it

Plankton: One squirt equals baby, two squirts equals adult! (sprays both of them once, and they come back to normal) Or is it three squirts baby, four squirts adult. (Tries to spray again, but it runs out) Barnacles, I've run out of gas!

Sonic: Ahem!

Plankton:SONIC, nice diaper

Sonic:(grabs Plankton)

Plankton: Oh wait, I think I...

Sonic:(throws Plankton away) So long Shrimp!!!

Plankton: Yes I got it

Later at Amy's house

Amy:Knuckles would you please check the mail?

Knuckles: Ok ok,i think there not be bills in here(opens mailbox to see PLANKTON)Plankton?!?!?!

Plankton: Peek-a-Boo!

Knuckles: AHH,it's Plankton

Everyone:(scattering around the house away from the room)

Sonic: Oh man, Plankton never gives up

Shadow appears

Shadow: What's going on here?

Amy: Run Shadow it's Plankton

Shadow: Huh,well Plankton SmartyPants, what are you gonna do now?

Plankton: This (Sprays Shadow)


Plankton: What's the matter, baby? Are you gonna cry? (Shadow is turned into a senior citizen) What the heck happened to you? This isn't baby gas! It's senior citizen spray!

Shadow: Ey? What was that, Sonny?

Plankton: Out of my way, Methusala! It'll take more time to explain then you have left. (Knuckles comes out of nowhere)

Knuckles: Hold it right there!

Sonic: Knuckles is right, Old people are out greatest natural resource!

Amy:(salutes) We salute you, old citizenry!

Plankton: I'm getting old listening to this & i thought SpongeBob was the only one that said that,Lets try this again (spray Knuckles)

Knuckles turns into a senior citizen

Knuckles: I remember a quarter use to cost a knickle(laughs weakly)

Plankton: This Baby Gas is worthless, unless you are too old to Stop me

Shadow: What's that sonny?

Plankton: It will take longer than to explain(grabs a chaos emerald & ran away with it) Hehehehehehe!

Shadow: He got the Chaos Emerald, Knuckles catch him

Knuckles: Catch who?

Shadow: Oh uh gezintight

Plankton:(Laughing) Bikini Bottom here I come

Amy:HEY you come back here(tries to smash him with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Plankton:(Screaming repeatedly)

Sonic:Go Amy Go

Knuckles:(chasing Plankton) Come back here your little wimpersnapper

Shadow:(chasing Plankton) You kids get off of my lawn (stops) I'll catch up with you boy

Knuckles:(kniting) I'm catching up with my kniting

Amy:(gets an idea) That's it, Shadow, Knuckles, keep kniting

Shadow: Ok,(talking to knuckles)keep kniting your knitwit

Plankton: This was almost too easy(traped in a net made of wool) Wha? NOOOO! I demand you gezzers to release me!

Amy: Right after the party called...

Sonic & Amy: "The Pinata Party"


Mexican Music Plays

Shadow: That's for calling us old (whacking him)

Plankton: Stop it

Knuckles: I want candy (whacks Plankton)

Plankton: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Meanwhile back at an unknown area

Plankton: (saying Mathimatical the same words like the episode from Goo Goo Gas)....Square root of Amy Rose

Plankton: Of course! the final ingredent I have been hacking,it so simple,yet so EVIL & i know just where to get it

Meanwhile at the shoping mall

Plankton: Excuse me Mrs Rabbit what Isle do you get that from?

Vallina:you mean the Kelpo?

Plankton:NO that thing the ugly dripping smelly thing

Vallina: Are you talking about my daughter you CREEP!

Plankton: (tries to run away)

Cream:(steped on Plankton 3 times) Sorry Mister, but your mean to me

Plankton:Ow ow ow,UH (gasps) Baby Powder that's just what I need

Plankton walks up to Vector

Plankton: Hey buddy,does this made from Real or Artificial Baby? (felt the stomping from Cream Again)Ow ow ow ow ow!

Vector: Been there, Done that

Meanwhile Back at an Unknown area

Plankton: That powdered baby did the trick! Now my baby gas can't possibly fail!

Karen: Just like all your plans that "couldn't possibly fail?"

Plankton: What is it now, Karen?

Karen: I'm saying you should test your gas before you come running there all hilly nilly!

Plankton: That's an excellent idea. And I know just the guinea pig! (Grabs the pack and points it at Karen)

Karen: (gasps) Plankton, don't you dare! (sprays her and a calculator falls to the ground)

Plankton: Karen! Speak to me! (the calculator types in "hELLO") It worked!

Meanwhile back at Amy's house

Amy:i hope nothing goes wrong

Cream:me neither

Plankton:(enters the house)Everyone say you ABC's

Plankton sprays Tails & turns him into a baby

Plankton:Now when you turned into babies you stay baby

Plankton sprays Big & turns him into a baby

Plankton: Hey shadow catch(sprays shadow)

Shadow:(turns into a baby)

Baby Shadow:WHAAAA!

Knuckles appear still a senior citizen

Knuckles: What's wrong little fella(turns into baby,thanks to Plankton 's new & improved Baby Gas)

Baby Knuckles:WHAAAA!

Sonic: What is going on here


Cream:It's Plankton!

Plankton: Now for the moment of Victory (Sprays at Amy,Cream & Sonic But It has no effect)WHAT THE!!!

Sonic: Sorry but even New & improved Baby Gas are no match for ...uh....well uh Amy can you explain for me please

Amy: Ok Sonic,well if me & Sonic Are together with (sighs)LOVE,we are inderstructible

Plankton:Uh Oh

Cream: By the way you'll be the babies playmate

Plankton: Say what?!(felt the drooling from the babies) Oh gross I command you to stop drooling on me

Baby Knuckles: Goo(grabed Plankton)

Plankton: Put me down

Baby Knuckles:(shaking Plankton very hard)

Plankton: OW, Stop it,I'm an Adult

Baby Tails:(Grab Plankton) goo goo (chewing Plankton & spits him out)

Plankton:AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (notices the chaos emrald) I don't believe it,the chaos emrald,Knuckles is teething on it (walks up to baby Knuckles) Give it here your big stupid baby

Baby Knuckles: (whacks Plankton with bottle)

Plankton: Ow

Baby Knuckles:(keeps on whacking Plankton with Bottle 10 times & crawls away)

Plankton: Ohhh uhhh (grabs the chaos emrald) I got it, just like taken candy from a baby, you hear that like taken candy from you

Baby Big:(trying to Break the vault of Baby Gas)

Plankton:Hey, what are you doing?

Baby Big:(broke the vault of Baby Gas) Ohhhhh

The vault Exploded & the baby gas spreaded everywhere turning everyone back to normal

Amy: Look Sonikuu, everyone is turning back to normal

Sonic: Well i'll be a monkey's uncle

Knuckles:(still sucking his thumb & then Stops) What the, why am i wearing a diaper?

Plankton: I don't Believe this My plan is ruined thanks to you

Amy: Hey we tried to stop you

Sonic: Yeah

Cream: Why would you do this to us for

Plankton: Because I want to get back to Bikini Bottom & most importantly to get the Krabby Patty formula in my hands

Amy,Sonic & Cream: The Krabby Patty Formula?

Amy: Is that was this whole thing is about?

Plankton:no of course not,i mean not at first, i mean uh Honey Bunch?

Amy:(reveals her Piko Piko Hammer 10 times than it's normal size & her Muscles revealing giant tanks firing just like the one from Popeye) You are gonna get it, big time, you BIG JERK!!!

Plankton:Uh Oh!

Amy:(whacks Plankton into Outer Space with her Piko Piko Hammer)And Never Come Back!!!

Plankton: Oh well i guess this is what I desevere for turning everyone into Babies!! (landed on the Krusty Krab)ouch

Mr Krabs: What the I told you for the last time...

Both: Now Stay Away from the...

Plankton:..Krusty Krab bug, I think we through with this a 1000 times allow me to do the hounors (throwing himself to the Chum Bucket while he is doing a Boring Scream)


Karen: Well SmartyPants what are you going to do now?

Plankton:Don't nag me Karen because i have a long day

Meanwhile back at Planet Mobius

Sonic:Amy Rose thank you for saving us from turning into Babies

Amy:(giggling)thank you Sonic i want to give you something very special to me

Sonic:really,what is it?

Amy:These(kisses Sonic 10 times & a big one in the lips)

Sonic:(dazed out)Thank You(passes out)

Cream:aww that's sweet

Later Back at the Chum Bucket

Plankton:uhhh holograpic meat loaf......MY FAVOIRITE!!!(eating holograpic Meat Loaf)

Amy:(watches Plankton Eating Holograpic Meat Loaf)i guess that makes me the Pink Sailor Girl

Amy:(sings)I'm Amy the Sailor The Sailor Girl


The End


  • Plankton has turned Sonic & his into Babies & that's the same thing happen in the episode called "Goo Goo Gas"
  • Amy & Cream are to cute to be babies
  • When Amy & Sonic are together, they are Invinceble & no harm to Goo Goo Gas
  • Amy's shows Plankton her Muscles like from "Popeye"

Character Pictures


Mega Man

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