Party Buffouns is about party-themed episodes. Will be released on March 27 2015.


1.Tea at the Treedome-Disc 1

2.Ripped Pants

3.Pizza Delivery


5.Jellyfish Jam

6.Sandy's Rocket

7.Nature Pants

8.Culture Shock


10.The Chaperone-Disc 2

11.Scaredy Pants

12.Karate Choppers

13.Sleepy Time

14.Valentine's Day


16.Fools in April


18.Your Shoe's Untied

Special Features- Scaredy Pants Music Video,Karate Choppers Cast Commentary,Sleepy Time Audio Commentary

19.Squid's Day Off-Disc 3

20.Bossy Boots


22.Patty Hype

23.Pre-Hibernation Week

24.Christmas Who?

25.Band Geeks

26.The Fry Cook Games

27.SpongeGuard on Duty

Special Features-SpongeGuard on Duty Story Board

28.Club SpongeBob-Disc 4

29.Idiot Box

30.Snowball Effect

31.Krusty Krab Training Video

32.Party Pooper Pants

33.Mid-Life Crustacean

34.Krabby Land

35.The Camping Episode

36.The Sponge who Could Fly

Special Features-Krusty Krab Training Video Cast Commentary

37.Pranks a Lot-Disc 5

38.Skill Crane

39.Funny Pants

40.Krusty Towers

41.Ghost Host

42.Whale of a Birthday

43.Wishing you Well

44.Hocus Pocus

45.Rule of Dumb

46.Best Day Ever-Disc 6

47.Night Light

48.Rise and Shine

49.Spy Buddies

50.Boat Smarts

51.New Digs

52.Krabs a la Mode

53.Rollar Cowards

54.Sing a Song of Patrick

Special Features-Karaoke-Best Day Ever,Best Day Ever Shorts

55.Goo Goo Gas-Disc 7

56.Nautical Novice


58.A Life in a Day

59.Porous Pockets

60.The Card


62.Toy Store of Doom

63.Sand Castles in The Sand

64.Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy VII: The Good Enemy-Disc 8

65.Neptune's Party

66.Spotlight Sponge

67.What Patrick Does at Nighttime


69.The Picture of SpongeBob

70.Hall Monitor 2

71.The Ring

72.Battle of the Squids

73.Secret Hill of Jungle-Disc 9


75.Searching For an Estate

76.Singing Pat

77.Mushroom in UnderWater

78.SpongeBob's Brother

79.Trapped in the Future

80.My First Day

81.Radio Krab

82.A Starfish of Doom-Disc 10

83.Breast Cancer Show Ever

84.Krabby Mystery

85.Pest of the Pests

86.Fish Burger


88.Grooming Rocky

89.Patty after Patty

90.Sea Language

91.Space Trip!-Disc 11

92.Spongology:Part 1:The Big Beginning

93.And Now in Reverse

94.One Man Banned

95.Mooooove Out

96.All Bets Are Off!

97.Sponge Trip

98.Spongology Part 2:The Exciting Middle Part

99.Hold Hands

100.Eliminateds-Disc 12

101.Dunceous and Dangerous

102.MusicleBob DancePants

103.Alvin Rangers

104.A Christmas Agents

105.Stanley Sports

106.James Speed

107.What Ever Happened to the Sandwich

108.The Toon

109.Big Factory Spectacular-Disc 13

110.Spongology Part 3:The Final Ending

111.Growth SpongeBob

112.MusicalBob MelodyMania

113.SpongeBob SmartPants

114.Basketball Sports

115.Halloween SpongeBob

116.Sister Team of Love


118.Real Hype-Disc 14

119.Krusty Kostumes

120.Bashed on a Bash

121.Chocolate with Bombs!

122.Werewolf SpongeBob

123.Gary Goes To School

124.Computer Hackers

125.Flashed Tallest

126.Horn Be how to Cowboys

127.Style in the Sunset-Disc 15

128.Mermaidman, Barnacleboy and Shellfish

129.Happy Birthday Patrick!

130.Larry, Sandy & The Big One

131.Mall Squidward

132.Happy Birthday SpongeBob!

133.New Experience Students

134.The Cartoon

135.Buns of Steel

136.Chum Bucket Extreme!!!!!!!!!-Disc 16

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