Shark Attack!

Patrick's Coach's fin

He is the meanest coach in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!! (And Universe)


He was born in February 28, 1962. His mom is Frankie MuscleBuff and his dad is Frank "The Extremely" StrongMan (Not Frank, The strong goldfish who's name revealed in the real episode "Slide Whistle Stooges"). 18 years after he was born, he was one of Mr. Krabs' Navy friends until he was very, very MEAN TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!, So he was kicked out by the Navy. 8 years after he was kicked out, He was the Coach of the 5th Grade P.E. class. Patrick's teacher tells Patrick Star and his classmates to go to the music classroom, but he was reading a pirate map (which is at the back of his poem), then he goes to the gym where he thinks its the music classroom and The 5th graders and coach threw dodgeballs at him. Because of that, Patrick moved to another school at 5th grade. In 2007, He tells Patrick that he never learned a lesson in his class. In 2009, Howard Blandy wants him to be nice, so he made a test but he made the opponents hurt and cry. he was decapitated in August 29, 2009, Age 47.

Fan Appearance

Only in the episode What Ever Happened to Patrick's Coach?

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