French Narrator: Today, we find Patrick Star, playing with SpongeBob, like normal.

SpongeBob (blowing a bubble): Hey, Patrick see if you can break this one!

Patrick (charging): Goodbye, forever, you bubble!

The bubble flies on.

Patrick: Tartar Sauce!

The bubble pops in Squidward's house.

Squidward (angry because the bubble ruined his painting): No! SpongeBob and Patrick are outside! That stupid bubble!

SpongeBob and Patrick laugh.

Patrick: Good thing that bubble didn't reveal my secret!

SpongeBob: A Secret?!

Squidward: A Secret?!

Mr. Krabs: A Secret?!

Karen: Patrick's got a secret.

Plankton: So?

Karen: He's best friends with SpongeBob.

Plankton: So?

Karen: It might be the secret formula!

Plankton: Oh yeah, baby!

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