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Patrick-Napped! is a SpongeBob movie.


When SpongeBob and Patrick are blowing bubbles, Patrick decides to take a nap. When he awakes, someone goes up behind him. It shows SpongeBob a minute later. Then he looks at his watch then sees its been a minute. Then he freaks out! He looks everywhere for Patrick, then about 15 minutes more into the movie, SpongeBob finds tracks. Then he tries to follow them. Later into the movie, when he finds himself in a jungle, he finds a tree, but no tracks around it. Then he finds an opening in the bush, larger than usual. SpongeBob then finds a HUGE robot that looks like Plankton. Then he spends some of the movie fighting it, and wins. Then SpongeBob keeps doing more stuff that's unimportant for the time then finds Plonton HQ, A.K.A. Chum Bucket Plus. SpongeBob then enters Plankton HQ (PHQ for short) then spends some more of the movie inside it. Then he finds Plankton, fights him for some of the movie, and gets defeated. Then rescues Patrick. They return back home,



  1. Bubble Time!
  2. Patrick's Nap
  3. Patrick-Napped!
  4. Wheres Patrick?
  5. Annoy Squid and Krabs
  6. Consult Then Annoy Sandy
  7. Tiny FootTracks!
  8. Following...
  9. Three Tree
  10. Mega 'Bot
  11. Pow!Biff!
  12. Following Again...
  13. The Patty Wagon!
  14. Vroomin'
  15. CRASH!
  16. Walk The Troubles Away
  17. Entering HQ
  18. Inside HQ
  19. Plankton Encounter
  20. Plankton Fight
  21. Plankton Lost
  22. Patrick-Trapped!
  23. The Combination
  24. Saved!
  25. Credits