Patrick Saves The World is an episode of The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star.


  • The World: Man, it sure does get lonely in a vacuum.
  • (The world picks up a star and throws it in his mouth.)
  • The World: Man, that's dry!
  • (As the world starts to choke, Patrick flies out of it in a spaceship.)
  • Patrick: I hope Sandy doesn't mind that I took her flying boat without permission.
  • The World: Help, help! I don't have life insurance!
  • Patrick: Hi, world. You look beat. Do you want this water bottle I brought with me?
  • The World: Yes, yes!
  • (Patrick throws the water bottle into space, and the world grabs it and throws it in his mouth.)
  • The World: Man, that hit the spot. Thanks, man.
  • Patrick: No problem. I just have one question, though. Why is everything so pink?
  • The World: Because you're in a dream, of course!
  • (What a twist!)

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