"Patrick VS Plankton"
Airdate: March 6,2015
Guest(s): None
Writer(s): User:Doctor Bugs
Storyboard Artist(s): User:JCama 2
Supervising Producer: User:SuperSaiyanKirby
Main: User:Panchito Gomez
Storyboard: User:PatrickStar23
Animation: User:Patrickstar42
Creative: User:Vicky powell
Technical: User:SpongeFan20
Patrick vs. Plankton is an episode from Season TBA.


Patrick gets bored of watching TV (staticly) so he decides to get a job. He gets rejected at many places in Bikini Bottom, including his own house, so he goes to the Krusty Krab. There he gets the job as a guard. Plankton comes along later and he was stealing a Krabby Patty and Patrick was chasing him all over Bikini Bottom to get it. He caught Plankton and Plankton lost. Everybody celebrates at the Krusty Krab.



  • This episode's Title Card theme is the same as Plankton's Army.
  • This episode is the sequel to Krabs vs. Plankton.
  • In this episode, Patrick is much smarter.

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