This page is for Pearl Krabs from any person's continuity!

Usual role in fanon

In some fans' interpretation, Pearl would be a possible romantic interest for SpongeBob, since in some episodes of the series SpongeBob gets along well with her, with SpongeBob usually solving some of her problems and even accomplishing a romantic role for her sometimes. In SpongeBob, Patrick,:The Plankton Robot vs The Bowser Robot but she was brainwashed by Bowser then turned into an evil robotic Whale. Pearl Krabs is a character from SpongeBob who is Mr. Krabs' daughter and a whale. In Konnichiku's series, Pearl launches a music career and teams up with Swayzak to record a song called "Stop", which would soon become a hit.

Appearances in Fan Series




  • Pearl was protected from the nutomic bomb explosion by the layer of blubber under her skin, causing the waves to bounce right off her, hitting and killing Annette.
  • In American Sponge, she has joined the cheer leading team, but was kicked out after SpongeBob SquarePants purposely ruined it.
  • In Season 4 onward she was replaced by Hurl Krabs

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