"Pilot" is an episode (the first) of "Sponged Together". It aired on 12/2/09.

Basic Plot Line

The characters move into the house, and SpongeBob and Sandy finally show their feelings for each other.

More In-Depth Plot Line

The show is introduced, showing the "Sponged Together" house. The characters are introduced. We then are shown the theme song, which is the "Drawn Together" theme song, just with the "Sponged Together" characters. The characters are looking around the house. SpongeBob finds a spot on the wall that says: "Captain Hero Was Here". They all go to their bedrooms. SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton & Larry share a room, and Karen, Sandy, & Ms. Puff share a room. They all go outside to find a hot-tub. They have a hot-tub party, and Sandy & SpongeBob kiss. The other housemates think this is really gross, considering Sandy is a squirrel and SpongeBob is a Sponge. During a potential B story, Mr. Krabs brought the Krabby Patty formula with him, not knowing Plankton would be there. He has to hide it in a place were Plankton would never look. Meanwhile, the other housemates try and convince Sandy & SpongeBob that a squirrel and a sponge is just,....nasty. They finally succeed by showing them what a sponge/squirrel baby would look like. The place were Mr. Krabs hid the formula, under Planktons mattress. The pilot ends with a "this season, on 'Sponged Together'" montage.


The pilot gained 16.4 million viewers, a record for a Nick @ Night original program, and beating every other show that aired this date.

The premiere gained positive reviews, with one claiming: "The show does not change the personality of the characters in any form, and it contains the fresh humor "SpongeBob SquarePants" gained in its first few seasons. I'm looking forward to seeing some side characters, such as Ms Puff, develop more character in this series. All in all, a great show for kids and adults alike."

Nickelodeon's Reception

After a rerun of this episode the following day receiving 9.8 million viewers, and another rerun gaining 9 million viewers, Nick ordered a new season of 14 episodes.

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