Pilot (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Season 1
Written by Stephen Hillenburg
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Pilot is the very first televised episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. It first aired on June 12, 1999.


SpongeBob and Patrick move to the city/neighborhood of Bikini Bottom, but their luggage gets lost by accident, so they enlist the help of Sandy to help them find their luggage before it's too late.


(Title card)

(Scene fades into SpongeBob's old house in Atlanta, Georgia)

(Cuts to the hallway, and SpongeBob walks out of his room)

SpongeBob: Get up, Patrick, we need to pack our bags and go to the new house my mom and dad assigned us.

Patrick: (Gets out of guest room) Okay. By the way, thanks for letting me sleepover at your house this weekend. Why did your parents assign you that house again?

SpongeBob: Because the construction crew will be tearing down this house in two months. But the good thing is that while we're gone, before they tear the house down, the crew is going to get rid of everything that we don't need anymore.

Patrick: What are we waiting for, SpongeBob! We gotta get the suitcases.

SpongeBob: Right. (Both run downstairs)

(Cuts to downstairs)

SpongeBob: All set?

Patrick: Yep.

SpongeBob: Good, let's get in the car.

(Both of them walk to SpongeBob's car, and they pack and get inside)

SpongeBob: Okay, off to the new house...starting now! (Starts car and drives off into streets)

(Short montage of them driving)

SpongeBob: Are you excited about moving to the new house in Bikini Bottom?

Patrick: Yeah, it'll be great.

(Fades to "Welcome to Bikini Bottom" sign and their car drives by)

(Cuts to the new house as their car arrives)

SpongeBob: (Gets out of car with Patrick) Well, that was a long drive. What time is it, Patrick?

Patrick: (Looks inside car) It's 3:04.

SpongeBob: Let's go inside!

(Both go inside)

More coming soon!


  • Part of this episode's plot is reused in the cancelled Geo's World episode "Lost In Greeny City".