Squidward: Sometimes, I hate daylight! It always signals that "A Series of Woeful Squid-Based Events" is going to happen. Hey, I'll get Sandy to get rid of it somehow!

Announcer Fish: Later, at Sandy's treedome....

Sandy: OK, Squidward, here's where $123 come to see if their a bust.

Announcer Fish: Why are you talking like Mr. Krabs, Sandy? Hey, Mr. Krabs! Oh well, let's see that invention!

Squidward:It didn't work Sandy!

Sandy: Hey, don't rub it in.

Squidward: I've got to tell Mr. Krabs about this!

Announcer Fish: Alright, let's just watch the episode, shall we?

SpongeBob: Wow, it's getting dark out!

Sandy:Oh no, it worked!

Squidward: What do you mean "Oh no"?

Sandy: It will remain dark forever!

Patrick: Oh, is this the beginning of "A Series of Woeful Squid-Based Events"?

SpongeBob: No, it's much worse!

SpongeBob begins shrinking and Patrick gets wider.

SpongeBob: I shrunk

Patrick: And I'm one of those blobby guys!

Sandy: SpongeBob, you & Patrick need to get to the Bulb before it's too late!

SpongeBob: What's this wonderous "bulb" you speak of?

Sandy: It's that giant lightbulb.

SpongeBob: Oh.

Patrick: Yay, I'm slithering there!

SpongeBob: Wow, I'm so small....

Announcer Fish: ...And they both went flying to the bulb. Everything was normal again (realtively).

Sandy: Oh no, it's going to happen again- it's still night!


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