The Record

Pineapple Juice! is a song sang by SpongeBob and Patrick.


SpongeBob: I'm pineapple juiced, so juice it up, Everybody, come and try, We're going to sell, whatever to it you buy, it's good and all, bring the bill to Mr K to buy!

Patrick: You try to buy some juice but you try to bring the bill, and you are juice and a nerd.

SpongeBob: You are a pineapple and I'm a juice to everyone

Patrick: It's not working and I'm crying, but you the worst and you and me come with this.

(SpongeBob sings the beginning)

SpongeBob and Patrick: By starting today I'm going to say to bring the juice on and I'm pineapple juice!

Patrick: You see to me to be mine to make it soon and you win

(SpongeBob sings the beginning)


  • This is the first song in SpongeBob: The Musical.
  • This is the same song as Not Afraid.
  • This the first time, SpongeBob and Patrick rap to a song.

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