Pirates of Bikini Bottom
Season 9
Airdate November 23, 2010
Production company 19a
Written by Kyle McCulloch
Vincent Waller
Mr. Lawrence
Storyboard artist(s) Ted Seko
Storyboard directed by Kyle McCulloch
Vincent Waller
Creative director(s) Vincent Waller
Animation director(s) Tom Yasumi
Supervising producer Paul Tibbitt


SpongeBob, Tom, Patrick,Sandy, Larry and Gary become pirates of Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob becomes Pirate SpongeBob and Tom, Larry, Patrick,Sandy and Gary become his Crew.


SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Gary the Snail

Sandy Cheeks





SpongeBob: I'm soooo bored!

Patrick: Meeee toooo!

Tom walks up, dressed like Blackbeard.

SpongeBob: It's too early for Halloween (cheers up),but I know what we're going to do!

Narrater: Later...

SpongeBob walks up,wearing a fake beard and pirate costume.  

Sandy: This is boring.

(Hits Larry) SpongeBob: Argh! Ya  landlubber don't understand! SORRY, LARRY!

Patrick: It was Tom's idea!

Tom: I ws trying on my Halloween costume from last year! OY!

Gary: Meow?

SpongeBob : Yes, you can wear the eyepatch.

Shows all on a sketchy pirate ship.


Larry: That's a stick.

Patrick: Oh. There it is!

All but Patrick: Brick.

Patrick: Right. All I see is are stupid skulls!

Tom: (Screams) Skulls?

Patrick:Is that treasure?

Sandy: NO!

Tom:We won't make it! (Begins to cry.)

SpongeBob: Tom?

Tom: You said there's gonna be a crystal clear lagoons and treasure and plunder, but we won't make iiiiiiiiiiiiiit. (Continues crying.)

SpongeBob: Calm down, Tom. Everyone's gonna be okay!

Tom: No, it's not! You made me run away to be a pirate and there's not even any treasure!

SpongeBob: Gary, will you do something about Tom, please?

(Gary hits Tom)

Gary: Meow!

Patrick: Yeah! Let's go!

Narrator: In the cave.

All: Hooray!

Narrator: Deeper.

All : Hooray?

Narrator: Even deeper.

SpongeBob: There it is! (opens door)

(Sees ghost dance club)

Ghost: (gives Gary treasure chest) HI!


Patrick and SpongeBob: Mommy.

Narrator: Well, at least they got the treasure.


  • When Gary hits Tom to get him to stop crying, Tom's eyebows are missing.
  • When SpongeBob yells out," Arrgh! Ya landlubber won't understand!" He (accidentally) hit Larry,causing him to fall.
  • The title card music is the same as skill crane