Planet Gary


Created by
Executive Producers
Sponge321 (Season 1
Original Airdates
November 2, 2010- February 1, 2011
326 This series has now ended.
If the author chooses to revive it in the future, he or she should ask one of the administrators to unlock the page for them. Should someone else wish to continue this series, they should ask the author on their message wall.

Planet Gary is a fan-fiction series created by Sponge321 that anyone can help write! It's about Gary accidentally being launched into space and onto the planet Zalmo and adjusting to life. On December 7, 2010, the series was cancelled, but, the remaining episodes aired.


  • Welcome To Zalmo (First Episode) (2.1 million viewers)
  • People Don't Speak Snail (Episode 2) (1.8 million viewers)
  • Internet FREAKS (Episode 3) (1.7 million viewers)
  • Rocket FAIL (Episode 4) (0.6 million viewers)
  • Snail Decoy (Episode 5) (0.2 million viewers)
  • "OSDUF0DJU" (Episode 6) (1.7 million viewers)
  • The Wrath Of Stupidous (Episode 7) (2.7 million viewers)
  • Trial By Gary (Episode 8) (1.4 million viewers)
  • Gorgunta (Episode 9) (0.9 million viewers)
  • Wrath Wrap (Episode 10) (1.258 million viewers)
  • Zalmo Ruler (Episode 11) (0.8 million viewers)
  • The Snail Next Dorkus (Episode 12) (6.7 million viewers)
  • Going Back? (Episode 13) (5.7 million viewers)
  • Fredmika (Episode 14) (10.8 million viewers)



  • This series is a parody of Planet Sheen.
  • The Most watched episode is the series finale, due to a movie primering before it.
  • The least watched episode is  episode 5, due to it not being advertised.

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