Planet Squidward is a new spin-off that anyone can write for! It's about Squidward stealing Sandy's rocket and finds a planet where everything is "perfect.", and finally becomes happy! However, he does find aliens that look exactly SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Karen and Plankton! Barnacles the Alien (Plankton) soon begins to plot Squidward's end as the rocket destroyed his house!!


  • No crossover characters.
  • Only I (Stephen Burg) can write season finales/openers or series finales.
  • The Easter Eggs may parody other spin-offs.
  • You must write down an idea for a special in the area.

Easter Eggs

Each episode has Easter Eggs (inside jokes) Please write some here.

Pilot- The sign on the house says "New episodes of Sponged Together: Coming soon."

Specials Ideas

Write down ideas for specials here. Write down the length, too.

Season 1

Pilot (Planet Squidward)

Squidward gets stuck on a "perfect" planet named Seenu. There he finds The Emporer, SquirrelGenuis (often called "ChipmunkGenuis"), and Barnacles the Alien.


  • This is simalar to Invader Patrick and Planet Patrick
  • Squidward is the narrator.
  • Squidward's "happy" emotion is exactly like SpongeBob's and Patrick's.


If you would like a job on the series, write your username here.

Stephen Burg-Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer, Storyboard Artist, Director


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