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Plankles! is the 2nd episode of Pampers: The Series. It was written by Locknloaded23.


(Episode starts with Plankles behind a rock looking towards the Krusty Crack)

Plankles: nows my chance to finally get that BLASTED formula!!!

(Cuts to Plankles tip-toeing in the crack)

(Cuts to Mr Crack’s office with Mr crack sleeping)

Plankles: (jumps onto desk) perfect! He's asleep! Now to just go to the safe aaand...

Mr Cracks: (jumps into scene with hammer) Freeze! (Hits plankles with hammer) ararar! You fell for the ol’ “desk sleep” trick!

Plankles: i hate you!

(Cuts to outside the crack)

Mr crack: (kicks plankles) and stay out you booger!

(Cuts to Plankles sneaking back)

Plankles: this is gonna be it!!

(Spongecicle walks out and steps on Plankles)

Plankles: ooow!!!

Spongecicle: woops! Sorry plankles!

Plankles: I'll get the formula some other time!

Spongecicle: good luck with that! (Walks off)

Plankles: wait a minute! If i disguise myself as that popsicle fool, i could retrieve the formula in a snap!

(Cuts to plankles in his office with Who karens. Plankles is building something off-screen)

Who karens: what are you doing now?

Plankles: oh you'll see honey! Annnd VOILA!

(Camera moves to plankton next to a costume of Spongecicle)

Who karens: i dont wanna know.

Plankles: (hops in costume and walks out laughing)

(Cuts to Plankles walking into the Krusty crack with his costume)

Plankles: reporting for duty… sir.

(Plankles attempts to move his arm up but fails)

(Cuts to Not Squidward)

Not Squidward: right. (Puts his Porn magazine in front of his face)

Spongecicle: (walks through doors) good morning si- whAa?!

Plankles: uh… yes im getting right to work! (Runs towards crack’s office)

Spongecicle: Squidtard, did you see that?

Not squidward: dont call me Squidtard! And no.

(Cuts to Mr crack in his office. Plankles walks in.)

Plankles: reporting for duty!

Mr crack: Spongecicle, me boy! What do ye want?! Get back to cooking or i whip you! (Holds up a whip)

Plankles: i um, forgot the formula!

Mr cracks: WHAT?! (whips Plankles)

Plankles: ow!

Mr crack: (sighs) i guess i could get the formula.

(Mr cracks opens the safe)

Mr cracks: take this.

Plankles: (jumps out the costume and grabs formula) hahaha! Fool! Now i have the formula! (Runs out)

Spongecicle: (runs in) mr crack! Plankles stole the formula!

Mr cracks: i know. Just let him be.

Spongecicle: what?!

Mr cracks: you'll see.

(Cuts to Plankles running into the cum bucket)

Plankles: (inside the cum bucket) hahahaha! Now it's time to find out the formula!

(The cum bucket explodes)

Plankles: ow…

(Cuts back to Mr cracks)

Mr cracks: ararar!

Spongecicle: whu?!

Mr cracks: it's a safety thing i have. If the formula leaves the restaurant, it explodes!

Spongecicle: whu?!

Mr cracks: ararar!!!

Plankles: curse you!

(Outro plays)