Plankton becomes Dennis' sidekick in Bounty Hunter crime! You must help SpongeBob stop Plankton from taking over the world with Dennis!

Rated: Depends on system.


Plankton: *after seeing he's out of bullets, level 1, Wii* Barnacles! You've defeated me!

Dennis: *on motorcycle with Plankton, level 3, XBOX 360* Oh, crap! They're on our tails!

Patrick *level 2, all systems*: BIG BOOT! Hey, didn't I see this before?

System Ratings

Game Boy: E

PSP: E10

PS3: E10

XBOX 360: T (some added cartoon violence and mild lyrics in one level containing Boom Boom Pow as the music)

Wii: E

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad edition: E

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